Next-Gen’s Top 50 Games of 2006

Once again, Next-Gen has put together their list of the Top 50 Games of 2006, spanning all consoles. As you can see from the list below, both the PSP and the DS came out fairly respectably, pulling in a combined eight of the honours.


8. New Super Mario Bros. – DS
23. LocoRoco – PSP
26. Brain Age – DS
27. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – PSP
36. Metroid Prime Hunters – DS
44. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops – PSP
48. Daxter – PSP
50. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror – PSP

You can check out the full list here, if you’re interested.

[via Next-Gen]

Wii/DS Connectivity in the Works


Nintendo’s DS Project Manager, James Honeywell, has gone on record to say that they are definitely working on software to get the DS and the Wii talking to each other. So far, the only game to do this is Pokemon Battle Revolution, but there are definitely more games in the works.

He also commented on the connectivity for other consoles, for example… the XBox 360 and PC, pointing out that it’s used mainly for media-related activities, like streaming video. He claims that the whole point of hooking your DS and Wii will focus on the fun and interaction you’ll get when you bring the two consoles together.

You will definitely see Wii and DS interoperability as soon as we have it finished,” said Honeywell. “We haven’t made any announcements over specific software for connectivity, but there are definitely a number of exciting things in creation which we want to bring to market as soon as possible. We’re hopeful that will be next year.”

So there you have it, for those of us who just haven’t gotten into the whole Pokemon craze, there is hope for us yet! Now, if only they would drop some game names to whet our appetites!

[via MCV]

Sony enters the Video Download Battle

movieGiven the rapid decline in interest for UMD’s, Sony has decided to throw their hat in the ring to take on both Apple (with iTunes) and Microsoft (Video marketplace) in the video download war with a system of their own for the PSP.

By the sounds of it, the service will be quite similar to iTunes, with users being able to download movies and then move them, via memory stick, over to their PSP. Supposedly, plans are already in the works to eventually eliminate the middle-man (your computer) so you’ll be able to download movies directly onto your PSP.

Sony has hopes to have their system up-and-running sometime early in 2007. Obviously, the first batch of movies to be released are probably going to be those released by Sony themselves… think along the lines of Spider-Man and Hitch. Apparently, Sony is currently in talks with several potential partner sites, including as well as both Movielink and CinemaNow.

At this point, Sony seems to be keeping tight-lipped on the project, opting instead to release the following statement:

Beyond games, PSP and PS3 both provide an exceptional opportunity for the downloading and viewing of all types of entertainment content, including movies, television shows, videos and music. As we have stated in the past, we are exploring a number of options to supply such content, including working very closely with all the entertainment divisions within the Sony family. At this time, we have not confirmed any further news regarding a potential movie download service for the PSP. You can expect to hear more about downloadable content for the PSP and the PS3 in the coming year.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I think this would be an interesting service, if the price isn’t set too high! You have to think, that the PSP screen is ideal for watching movies, especially when paired alongside an iPod!

[via PSP Fanboy]

Rumor: Screen Size Increase in Works for DS?


We all know that Nintendo absolutely loves to practically print their own money by re-releasing many incarnations of what is basically the same product – i.e. GameBoy, GameBoy Mini, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP… I could go on, and on and on.

Keep in mind that this is mere speculation at this point, but the folks over at Joystiq did a little digging into some rumors flying around the Japanese message boards that we might be able to expect… you guessed it, yet another release of the DS sometime in 2007. This one is supposed to sport larger screens, a whole 3.5 to 3.8 inches compared to the current 3 inches across on the DS Lite version. It doesn’t sound like a whole heck of a lot bigger, but I’m sure it’ll make a huge difference!

I suppose I can’t begrudge Nintendo too much for their multiple handheld systems, considering that I own pretty much each and every single one of them… including both a regular DS and a DS Lite. We’ll see about this new one if it does, in fact, get released. I might just have to splurge to get that awesomely larger screen!

[via Joystiq]

Elite Beat Agents Dance Contest?

ebaWow! You know, having played the game to some extent myself… I’m having these wicked visions of all sorts of nasty videos being sent in for this contest!! It could still be pretty funny though, and the prizes are actually quite decent!

Here are the details, is hosting an Elite Beat Agents Video Dance Contest, sponsored by Nintendo. All you have to do is get together with two of your friends, throw on some suits and make up your very own dance moves to the theme song of the game. On a side note, you can get the mp3 of the song on the website… and keep your video under 2 minutes. is committed to providing visitors with a vibrant online community focused on multimedia sharing and creative communication between users,” says Marc Brown, president of Buzznet, Inc. “We’re excited to partner with Nintendo once again on a contest that embodies the best of music and pop culture.

If you’re having some problems getting your creative juices flowing, feel free to head on over to the contest site, where they’ve put up a sample video that you can check out.

The prizes are as follows:

– 3 Nintendo DS Lite systems (1 of each – Polar White, Coral Pink and Onyx)
– 3 Elite Beat Agents games
– 3 “Secret Agent Kits” including a t-shirt, headphones and sunglasses

– 1 Onyx Nintendo DS Lite
– 1 Elite Beat Agents game
– 3 “Secret Agent Kits” including a t-shirt, headphones and sunglasses

– 1 Elite Beat Agents game

I think I’ll pass on this contest myself… but maybe I’ll let my brother know about it. Him and his friends seem to have a talent for making some pretty strange videos! Make sure to get your entries in before January 2nd, 2007 in order to qualify for the contest!!

Happy Dancing Everybody!!

[via Go Nintendo]

90 DS Lites Up for Grabs!

DS Lite Giveaway

Nintendo is holding a contest over at their website where they’re giving away quite the prize package each and every day for 90 days.

Each prize package consists of:

– One (1) Nintendo DS Lite video game system
– One (1) Nintendo DS video game
– One (1) Game Boy Advance video game

Something to take note of, is that you must be 13 years of age or older and a resident of the United States. Before heading over to enter yourself in, why not take a look at the full rules and regulations.

I know, I know… I’m a little late in posting this news considering that the contest started on December 4th… but you do have until March 3rd, 2007 to enter. Only 9 of the 90 prize packages will have been spoken for, so you still have a pretty good chance!!

[via Nintendo]

Game Releases – Week of Dec. 11th


The following games are scheduled to be released this week for the DS:

– Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy
– Lionel Trains: On Track
– Star Wars: Lethal Alliance


The following titles are scheduled to be released for the PSP:

– Blitz: Overtime
– Shrek Smash and Crash

Lumines II Review

Lumines IIIt’s a rare event that the sequel to a fan favorite bests the original. There are some recent examples where this has happened, but more often then not you’ll usually end up with just more of the same or even worse, an upsetting bastardization of the original product. When I heard that Q Entertainment was working on a sequel to Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s brilliant PSP launch title Lumines, I have to admit that I was a little bit worried. Having put in somewhere north of 100 hours on the original, I did not want a new version coming in and ruining the title that I love. When I saw what happened with the Xbox Live version, I was even more concerned. In the end, however, it turns out that my worries were all for nothing. Lumines II is a worthy sequel to the awesome original title.

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Dragon Quest IX to be a DS exclusive!

Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest IX

In an act Bizarro-World worthy, Square Enix announced yesterday at their highly anticipates press conference that the next game in the Dragon Quest series (Dragon Quest IX: Protectors of the Starry Sky) would be a DS exclusive!

The last few DQ games have lived on the Playstation platform and have sold like gangbusters, but once upon a time this series made it’s appearance on Nintendo’s consoles. That all changed when the Playstation 1 hit and SquareEnix (then Squaresoft) jumped ship due to Nintendo’s draconian third-party contracts.

As a gamer, I play SquareEnix games wherever they land, but it just feels right when they are on a Nintendo platform. Lets hope that this is just the first step in a new partnership between Nintendo and Square Enix.

Most Wanted: Dual Analog Sticks


The folks over at Pocket Gamer decided to do a poll to see what gamers would most like to see in the next incarnation of the PSP. It was an incredibly tight race between the first and second place, with a second analog stick narrowly beating out a touch screen with votes of 28% and 27%.

I can’t say that this surprises me in the least, given the fact that most console controllers now come standard with dual analog sticks. It’ll definitely help the game developers too, they wouldn’t have to tweak their games quite so much to port them to PSP if it did have that second stick.

Hopefully Sony will listen up when they come to designing the new system, especially considering how many hacks are out there for the do-it-yourself analog stick mods.

What do you figure would be the best feature to add to make the PSP 2 even better than the original?

[via Pocket Gamer]

PSP Podcast #58

In this episode of the PSP Podcast we talk about some of the new happenings in the homebrew scene. Mainly the fact that the new PSP firmwares are being decrypted as fast as Sony is releasing them. I also chat a bit about the new Devhook release that takes advantage of these decrypted firmwares.

I also bring you my review of Lumines II and Cara makes a triumphant return and gives you a great preview of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops that is sure to sway your buying decisions. Enjoy the podcast!

Call our voicemail line and leave us a comment! 1-206-326-1221


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DS:Life Episode #008 Released

As always, the DS:Life podcast will be in it’s own feed, and downloadable from Please visit that site to download/subscribe for automatic download.

DS:Life PodcastEpisode 8 of the DS:Life, your premiere audio source for all things DS has hit. Delays aside, we think that this episode was worth the wait!

We start off with our usual “What are we playing section” then get into all the great DS news for the past couple weeks. Hilights are the DS kicking ass in the UK and Japan, some freebies in Animal Crossing, a sweet Midi homebrew application, and discussion of the games coming out in teh next week. Of course we wrap this up by answering your emails. We hope you enjoy it!

So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

Visit for downloads and subscription links.


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