Logo Contest Announced!

Now that the new look has launched, I have decided to finally announce my Logo contest!

I’m looking for a new logo for this site (I say new, but I don’t really have one to begin with!) and am running a contest accepting submissions until June 15th. More details can be found on the contest page, but I’ll list the prizes here.

1st Place: 2 PSP games of your choosing and a Logitech Play Gear Pocket case.
2nd Place: 1 PSP game of your choosing and a Game Case.
3rd Place: Screen protector + Game case.

Hopefully I get some great submissions! Good luck!

New Look launches!

Well the time is finally here! If you have been listening to my PSP Podcast you have heard me talk about the new design that I’ve been working on. Well the wait is over! I’m working on some enhancements to the site as well, but decided to release this as is and not hold things up any longer.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out, but please let me know what you think! Feel free to post your thoughts here or over in the forums.

PSP Offline Magazine

The folks over at PSPOMag have released issue 1 of their downloadable PSP magazine. This mag is formatted to fit on the PSP screen and is viewed via the image viewer on your PSP.

Issue 1 was quite good, I urge you all to check it out!

Eidos announces FreeRunning for the PSP

Eidos has announced a parkour inspired title that will also be released for the PSP platform as well as home consoles like X-BOX and PlayStation. You can see a video of the forthcoming game at FreeRunningGame.com

Parkour, the art of movement, is described as “less a sport and more a way of life�. Participants take the environment and its obstacles as a series of challenges to overcome. Since its inception in Paris during the mid-1980’s, the popularity of Parkour has spread across the globe and now appeals to an international audience.

There is an in-depth article and screenshots from the game over at the Total Video Games website.

Nero Recode converts for PSP

I saw this a while back and have been messing with it ever since. if you own a copy of the awesome CD/DVD burning suite, Nero 6 Ultra Edition, they released a FREE patch to their Recode product that supports the SONY PSP. I just found a great tutorial online that explains how to do it yourself. I’m still working on my comparison f all the available apps, but you can check this out in the mean time.

PSP Podcast #4

PSP Podcast #4 is now ready and available for download.

In this issue I cover the big news items from the last week, The homebrewscene starting, the released ISOs and Wipeout running from memory card. We have a few mini-reviews as well Mercury, Tiger Woods Golf, Hot Shots Golf, and an info piece on Metal Gear AC!D. A podcast timeline can be found at the bottom of this post. I’m posting this a couple hours early in the CST timezone, but it’s Wednesday somewhere! :)

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 33min 15mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator. You can find the link to the podcast RSS feed in the sidebar. Enjoy!

Shownotes and Timeline

  • 00:00 – PSP Podcast #4, recorded live in Winnipeg Manitoba, CANADA
  • 01:25 – PGR Forums
  • 02:15 – News on Homebrew software and cracked ISOs
  • 07:20 – PSP Web Browser Emulator from MioPlanet
  • 09:15 – PSPBook
  • 11:01 – I mispronounce “Debuting”, oops! :)
  • 11:30 – Mini Game Reviews
    • 11:49 – Archer Maclean’s Mercury – Rated: C
    • 16:01 – Thanks to Simgish from the forums for next review idea!!
    • 16:35 – Review Duo: Tiger Wood’s Golf – Rated: C and Hot Shots Golf – Rated: B
    • 24:20 – Review Preview (!?) Metal Gear AC!D – Rating Pending
  • 31:15 – Logo contest on hold until new site lauches
  • 31:59 – Please leave me your comments on this podcast!
    • 32:10 – Send me an audio question or comment via email
    • 32:30 – Comment in the Forums
    • 32:23 – message me through the Contact Page
    • 32:48 – or just email me: dasme @ pgrevolution.com
  • 35:50 – That’s all she wrote, remember… The Revolution will be Broadcast.

First emulator released?

I recieved an email this morning pointing me to an article over at PSPHacker. Apparently the first emulator for the sony PSP has been released. If you have a Japanese 1.0 version PSP you can head download this and play it on your PSP! Using the roms of games you own of course :)

Article 1 from PSPHacker
Download some videos of the Emulator in action

PSP games hacked and released

Although no way to play them exists, a pirate release group Paradox has supposedly released ISO images of Wipeout Pure, Ridge Racers and the Chaos Tower.

Sony has always called the PSP a secure platform so it will be interesting how they handle this. This news just a day after the first announced homebrew software running on the PSP should make for an interesting time for Sony as they play clean up.

Heavy 2 Go

heavy.com has just announced a partnership with Sony and will expand it’s already popular website to include PSP downloads. The service, names H2G or Heavy 2 Go, will eventually bring heavy.com’s entire library of thousands of hours of animation and live-action video shorts available for free download on the PSP. These “PSP Packs” will be brought our regularly in the coming months.

The first 3 packs have been released and are quite good! “Behind the Music that sucks” is a whopping 131MB and contains 4 videos that truely suck. “BLISSTER” weighs in at a large 101MB ans contains 9 videos that are like Jackass meets the X-Games. And finally, “Pimp my Weapon” brings the God of War Kratos’ how-to show from the cable access networks to the Sony PSP. A tongue in cheek concept, but well worth the download where it weighs in at a manageable 18MB.

What a great first release of it’s PSP packs, i’ll be sure to keep my eyes on Heavy.com looking out for more content releases.

Source Yahoo news

Forums have been added

As mentioned in this week’s podcast I have added forum software here on PGRevolution. Please check it out and post your thoughts about the podcasts! There are some general sections as well so lets get some conversations started!

PGR Forums

PSP Podcast #3

PSP Podcast #3 is now ready and available for download.

In this issue I cover the last weeks bigest news items as well as talk a little bit about the logo contest I will be running soon. We also have our first in studio guest to talk about future game releases, and fight through some technical difficulties.

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it directly [mp3 23min 11mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator. You can find the link to the podcast RSS feed in the sidebar. Enjoy!

More media releases for PSP

Sorry for the slow news week here, i’ve been devoting all my free time to the new design of this website.

I’ve been seeing reports around the net over the last couple of weeks that shows the mainstream media seems to ‘Get’ the powers of the PSP. Here is a sampling of some new free downloadable content for your PSP.

Gorillaz Music Video: Over on the Gorillaz fan site they have recently posted a downloadable version of their new music video that is pre-formatted for your PSP. It’s a 10MB download and look awesome on the highres PSP screen.

Clubplanet Television: If sweaty nightclubs and all night dancing are your thing, Clubplanet Nightlifestyle has released some PSP encoded versions of their documentary series. You can check it out and download them at the Clubplanet TV: PSP Video Page.

Fantastic Four Secret content: If you surf over to the US Fantastic Four movie site there is a hidden easter egg for us PSP owners. Just hit the ‘F4’ key to access the Von Doom archives and download a PSP formatted trailer and image gallery. Very cool! Thanks to PSP-Vault for this news

Check them out!


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