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So you really want to play God of War on your PSP, huh? Maybe you don’t have the money to buy it, the parents cheaped out, or perhaps you’re just incredibly cheap. Lucky for you Nukoda and PGRevolution are here to hook you up like two topless and randy Greek vixens. We’re giving away a […]

Exclusive Every Extend Extra Extravaganza!

Every Extend Extra is hitting the UK soon and we have some exclusive content to celebrate!

Coming in February to a retailer near you are these gigantic 8GB memory sticks. Now you can take hours and hours of video, music, and almost every PS One game available right now, with you. All you need is a PSP with firmware 2.81 and $300. But hey what is $300 for all the hours […]

Quick DVD to PSP conversion on your Mac

If you’ve been looking to convert your DVDs to other formats on your Mac you’ve probably downloaded, or at least heard of a program called Handbrake. It’s a great and powerful application for DVD ripping, although it suffers from a confusing user interface and huge learning curve. Well now you are in luck! Instant Handbrake […]

So you should already know that the PSP is rapidly closing in on the iPod in terms of sales from a post I made yesterday. Now the race should get even tighter with the features included in the newly released PSP Media Manager. The Media Manager software allows you to transcode video files for playing […]

PSP Content Pack for the month of October

The October PSP Content Pack has been released. This month features the G.A.P Killzone wallpaper contest finalist. Sadly, there is no demo this month; perhaps the new Killzone content will make up for it. Download the October PSP Content Pack PSP Content ATV Offroad Fury Pro – Trailer Gangs of Londo – Gang Videos Gangs […]

PSPxMAG Issue #9 released

Right on time, here’s Issue 9, featuring 115 pages and exclusive content! An exclusive editorial by Vahid of PSPCrazy User poll and opinion results The latest in PSP news Homebrew and PC application reviews Game reviews and previews And much more! Download it here

New Vice City Stories screens

Rockstar is continuing the “Stories” series with their upcoming PSP exclusive, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Check out the latest screenshots.

August Content Pack released

The August Content Pack has been released. This one contains the new 2.80 firmware update and features the World Tour Soccer 06 demo. If you received the UMD demo of World Tour Soccer 06 in the mail, this downloadable version will be nothing new as it is basically a slimmed down version of the UMD […]

Coming to the UK on July 28th is a pretty sweet thigh slapping gift courtesy of Sony – wifi media kiosks allowing PSP owners (2.71 firmware needed, unless you’re running DevHook to emulate the latest firmware) to download wirelessly, game demos, movie trailers, wallpapers, music videos and MP3s. Make your next mouse click is this […]

Spider-Man 3 media for your PSP

Sony Pictures has released some Spider-Man 3 goodies for your PSP. More specifically, a PSP formatted teaser trailer and wallpaper of the movie. Unfortunately, Mac users are left in the dark again because Sony made both downloads as Windows only executable files. Apparently Sony thinks PSP users are too dumb to know how to copy […]

NYC2123 issue 6 hits stands!

The last chapter of NYC2123: Dayender is finally out!


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