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I know what you’re all probably thinking, and no, that is NOT a typo in the title of my post! Homebrew developer Wololo has created a game based entirely on Magic: the Gathering to play against an AI opponent on your PSP called Wagic, The Homebrew ?!. You start the game with a random collection of cards to […]

PSP Royal Casino v2 Released

Homebrew developer dark-jey has released his second version of PSP Royal Casino. For those of you who may not have heard of the title before now, it consists of three typical casino-style games: Blackjack, Poker and a slot machine. In version 2, a lot of the bugs concerning RAM and the music have been corrected, the menus […]

PSP-Maps v1.4 Released

Seeing as I’m a huge user of the Google Maps application on my Mac, I think that PSP-Maps is an excellent homebrew application for when I’m planning to be on the move. Developer Royale has gone ahead and written a program that incorporates three different mapping programs: Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo! Maps to generate […]

Age of Nations v3 Released for PSP

Earlier this month I made mention of a homebrew title called Age of Nations. I’ll give you a very brief synopsis of the game in case you missed my earlier article.  Basically, it’s a real-time strategy game that been coded in Lua for the PSP by homebrew developer seanpaul223. A lot of work has gone into this next […]

PSPNotes v0.1 Released for PSP

With how busy my life is, I’m always looking for ways to make things just a little bit easier.  For me, this always includes writing lists and notes; I’m actually an obsessive list-maker, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Along comes this neat little homebrew application called PSPNotes v0.1 by developer Mickael2054 and my life has […]

Age of Nations v2.0 Released for PSP

Homebrew developer seanpaul223 has released the second version of his real-time strategy game, Age of Nations, for the PSP.  The game has undergone a complete over-haul, basically starting from scratch with the Lua code completely re-written to bring you all a better game! This project is based on the PC game, Age of Empires. You can see […]

Uncharted Lands v0.02 Released for the PSP

  Homebrew developer PSProgramer has released version 0.02 of his role-playing game, Uncharted Lands, for the PSP.  This second release of the game fixes some of the issues that arose with the first version that was released on July 18 and adds quite a bit of functionality to the game as well.  This is definitely to be […]

Twitter for Your PSP

  Having just recently jumped onto the microblogging bandwagon myself, I know just how addictive it can be to want to comment on every single thing and thought that you do/have throughout any given day. There are several popular social networking websites out there, including both Plurk and Tumblr; the biggest, by far, is Twitter. There is some pretty […]

3.50 Downgrader finally here

Its finally here! If you decided to update past the 3.03 firmware and missed the downgrader, you probably kicked yourself. Well kick yourself not anymore; the 3.50 downgrader has been released. People are skeptical when they downgrade as they fear of making their PSP “bricked” or non-functional. Well the Noobz team have made sure this […]

You heard right folks. It is now possible to run homebrew on all firmware versions. The Noobz team found a “goofy” exploit a few short days ago and has now released a downgrader for firmware version 3.03 (the latest). The exploit takes advantage of a kernel mode hole found in the old GTA exploit that […]

I talked about this a bit in the last PSP Podcast; days after Sony released firmware version 3.01 it was promptly decrypted for all to look at. We all speculated that it would be just a matter of time before a new Devhook supporting the PS3-talky goodness that this new firmware brought us. That time […]

Tic-Tac-Toe (PSP vs. DS)

Those of you out there who are fans of both the PSP and DS and own one of each (I happen to fall into the category) might be interested to know that a coder out there has written an app where you can play Tic-Tac-Toe across the two systems via Wifi. I just somewhat finished […]


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