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Contra 4: Coming to the DS in 2007

Grab your grappling hook folks, it’s time for CONTRA! In a direct sequel to Konami’s 1990’s SNES title Contra III The Alien Wars Contra 4 (Working title) will slap you in the space boots of four characters. They’ll be taking on the “Black Viper” in this new sidescroller that boasts new mechanics, and thankfully, multiplayer. […]

Spore on your DS?

Kotaku, is reporting that EA has confirmed that Spore will be coming to the Nintendo DS, and it should be in our WiFi loving hands some where around this time next year. Hopefully next week at DICE, Will Wright will let slip some juicy details about this super cool franchise coming to the Nintendo DS.

Midway wants more Fatalities on the DS

Midway has just announced that it is bring Mortal Kombat to the Nintendo DS. Midway’s only statement that described the game is “it [won’t be] a direct port of a previous title, it [won’t] be a brand-new game either.” How cool will it be to use that stylus to perform some finishing move that sends […]

Nintendo DS & PSP Games 25% OFF!

So if you are one of the few people who has not purchased Elite Beat Agents? Well now there is no excuse now, Tower Records is having a 25% off all video games. So you can get EBA $22.49. Some other great titles that are also on sale. Head on over there and see if […]

Game Releases – Week of Dec. 11th

The following games are scheduled to be released this week for the DS: – Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy – Lionel Trains: On Track – Star Wars: Lethal Alliance The following titles are scheduled to be released for the PSP: – Blitz: Overtime – Shrek Smash and Crash

Game Releases – Week of Nov. 20th

After an intense couple of weeks of game releases for both the DS and PSP, things have finally settled down a bit. It had gotten a little tough to keep up with all the new games… not to mention the strain on the wallet!! You can watch for the following DS games being released this […]

Every year, IGN puts out their guide to the best gear for the holiday season… and this year they don’t disappoint! They have released their 2006 Holiday Buyer’s Guide, and here is their insight into the best games to put under the tree for both the DS and PSP: With all of this momentum behind […]

Game Releases – Week of Nov. 13th

Sorry it’s a tad bit late this week, but here are the games that should have been released earlier this week: The following games are out for the DS: – Asphalt: Urban GT 2 – Bionicle Heroes – Brain Boost: Beta Wave – Brain Boost: Gamma Wave – Charlotte’s Web – Eragon – Final Fantasy […]

Game Releases – Week of Nov. 6th

From now on, I’ll be combining the weekly DS and PSP game releases into one post. Check out the following DS titles that are scheduled to be released this week: – Barbie: 12 Dancing Princesses – Bomberman Land Touch! – Chicken Little: Ace in Action – Digimon World DS – Elite Beat Agents – My […]

Yoshi’s Island DS Website

Check out the newly implemented minisite for the upcoming Yoshi’s Island DS. The game looks stellar… but then, I was and still am a huge fan of the original game, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island when it was originally released for SNES. If you can believe it, I still dust off the old SNES […]

DS Game Releases – Week of Oct. 30th

You know, I was thinking that since this site has changed over to include all sorts of portable gaming news and not just the PSP that I should start including a weekly segment to appeal to our Nintendo lovers out there. Here is a list of the DS games that are scheduled to be released […]

Bomberman Land Touch! is coming to North America! Atlus has recently opened up their highly interactive website to the masses… and by recently, I mean today! I surfed on over to check it out and it is quite innovative, allowing you to maneuver around the site using a stylus. The site gives you all sorts […]


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