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  • Happy Mother’s Day… Almost!

    Stuck on what to get mom for Mother’s Day? A nice Pink DS Lite sounds spiffy to me! DS Lite’s are selling a ridiculous amount, and Nintendo would love for you to add ink in […]

  • Dragon Quest IX – Hot Shots

    Kiff News has some new, super slick shots of Square Enix’s DS Bound-To-Be-a-Powerhouse RPG title, Dragon Quest IX. Score them at the link, or keep on lookin’. ;)

  • Rockstar Games: On the Cheap!

    I’m not so sure about you fellow Canadians, but I REALLY wish I had a Circuit City near me. They’re few and far between, so I think a roadtrip is order. Why? As if The […]

  • Assassins Creed may go Dual Screen…?

    Kotaku seems to think so. Apparently, it’s in GameStop’s database, and Gamefly’s rental list. Anyone have any thoughts on this? How will it work? The climbing dynamic is supposed to be really deep, and after […]

  • Masi “Hiro” Oka Loves His PSP!

    The official Sony Playstation Portable website has a really cool article, an interview with Masi Oka, Hiro Nakamura on NBC’s “Heroes”. He explains in depth as to why he loves the PSP – it’s a […]

  • Daxter and Gabe Logan for sale: 20 bucks!

    As if the phenomenal gameplay and visuals weren’t enough, both Daxter and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror are retailing for a cool 20 bucks! Holy ****! If you were foolish enough to dodge two of 2006’s […]

  • More like “CheaPSP”!

    Looks like retailers are slashing away the PSP’s $199.99 price point. Need a new console for homebrew? Looks like now’s the time kids. If you don’t already own a PSP, you can’t lose at this […]

  • New Ninja Gaiden DS Screens!

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma is coming quick on the PS3, and if you don’t want to fork out 600 simoleans to play it, check out 1up.com for some SCHWEET new Screens… Like holding your DS like […]