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Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Sequel Slides Out From The Shadows…

Sony Gamers Day, an annual event held by said company revealed many a story this week. A new SOCOM: US Navy SEALs game for the PSP, and PS3 are heading our way this holiday season, God of War: Chains of Olympus details arose, more details on the new IP Dead Head Fred (Which rising publisher […]

Lucasarts has announced a new Star Wars Battlefront game titled “Renegade Squadron” offering a new story taking place between Star Wars, and Return of the Jedi. Many common Star Wars planets like Hoth, Tatooine, and Yavin’s fourth moon will return as well as little known places like Sullust. In a very SOCOM manner, players can […]

Happy Mother’s Day… Almost!

Stuck on what to get mom for Mother’s Day? A nice Pink DS Lite sounds spiffy to me! DS Lite’s are selling a ridiculous amount, and Nintendo would love for you to add ink in to their money printer by picking up another one. Mother’s Day is on the 13th, and if you’re strapped for […]

Dragon Quest IX – Hot Shots

Kiff News has some new, super slick shots of Square Enix’s DS Bound-To-Be-a-Powerhouse RPG title, Dragon Quest IX. Score them at the link, or keep on lookin’. ;)

Jeanne D’Arc – She’s a Witch! And lookin’ fine…!

Jeremy Parish wrote up a really cool article on Jeanne D’Arc this week. For those of you out of the ‘know’, it’s essentially a historical twist on the story of ol’ Joan of Ark, the French Crusader… Crusaderess? Anywho, it’s a really great looking title and the first batch of English screens are starting to […]

Rockstar Games: On the Cheap!

I’m not so sure about you fellow Canadians, but I REALLY wish I had a Circuit City near me. They’re few and far between, so I think a roadtrip is order. Why? As if The Warriors wasn’t already a steal at $20 (American, that is!) it’s rockin’ the shelf at $15. Also a steal at […]

Assassins Creed may go Dual Screen…?

Kotaku seems to think so. Apparently, it’s in GameStop’s database, and Gamefly’s rental list. Anyone have any thoughts on this? How will it work? The climbing dynamic is supposed to be really deep, and after the horrid “Stealth” game that was Tenchu, what can we expect from Ubi? TMNT wasn’t so good on the DS… […]

Masi “Hiro” Oka Loves His PSP!

The official Sony Playstation Portable website has a really cool article, an interview with Masi Oka, Hiro Nakamura on NBC’s “Heroes”. He explains in depth as to why he loves the PSP – it’s a really cool read if you want to learn more about your PSP! Check out the Interview Here “I like playing […]

Brothers in Arms DS Screens Astound, Harvest Moon Abound

Brothers in Arms is easily my favorite WWII Franchise, and these shocking screens have me looking forward to what will surely NOT be another half assed FPS game on the DS… Also arousing this blogger is the new Harvest Moon images… Harvest Moon, now, is one of my all time favorite SNES, and PSX Games […]

Daxter and Gabe Logan for sale: 20 bucks!

As if the phenomenal gameplay and visuals weren’t enough, both Daxter and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror are retailing for a cool 20 bucks! Holy ****! If you were foolish enough to dodge two of 2006’s greatest PSP titles, then you have absolutely no reason not to load up SFDM online, or Daxter’s really awesome single […]

More like “CheaPSP”!

Looks like retailers are slashing away the PSP’s $199.99 price point. Need a new console for homebrew? Looks like now’s the time kids. If you don’t already own a PSP, you can’t lose at this price. It’s almost the same price as the DS by now! However, it’s only the Core pack… No games. No […]

New Ninja Gaiden DS Screens!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is coming quick on the PS3, and if you don’t want to fork out 600 simoleans to play it, check out for some SCHWEET new Screens… Like holding your DS like a book? I hope so… I don’t quite know how comfortable I will be holding it sideways, and playing Ninja […]


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