There are some pretty interesting benefits to owning both Resistance 2 for your PS3 and Resistance: Retribution for the PSP. You’ll be able to connect the two systems together via a USB cable, choose to “infect” your PSP and gain all sorts of extra goodies for the game on your PSP.

Once the systems are hooked up, navigate over to the Resistance 2 option menu on your PS3 and choose to “Infect Your PSP!”, which causes your character in Resistance: Retribution to become infected with the chimera virus.  The infected mode will only last until you power down your PSP, so keep that mind.

Here are the benefits of the connectivity for your game on the PSP: you will gain a new uniform to use, access to various weapons that were previously unavailable in Retribution, along with the abilities to heal yourself and breathe underwater. These added elements allow your character to reach areas that were inaccessible before, opening up all sorts of side stories.

What are your thoughts? Will the added elements through connectivity make you run out to pick up the PSP or PS3 to do?

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