I’m going to start by admitting that I’m not normally a huge fan of role-playing games myself, I can watch someone else play them for hours, but have just never been able to get invested personally. That all changed with the release, eight years ago, of Parasite Eve for the PSX. I spent hours guiding Aya Brea through NYC, battling past all sorts of mitochondrial beasties. I always meant to go back and replay the game using the walk-through but never managed to find the time.

Then came the announcement that Square Enix is developing a third installment in the series for the PSP, which they are calling The 3rd Birthday. This game was originally announced as a mobile phone exclusive title, I’m glad that SE changed their mind! I know that Dustin Barton made mention of this in his post about Square Enix’s DKS3713, but I feel strongly enough about this game to comment separately about it!

At the DKS3713 Private Party, all that was shown of the game was a fairly short trailer which didn’t show off any game play details or much of the upcoming plot.  This is what IGN had to say about the trailer:

While [it] was rather short, it started out by focusing on events that occurred from the previous two games. This included many of the visually striking cutscenes in a montage that highlighted many of the monsters that Aya destroyed. This quickly moved into a scene where Aya walked down the aisle of an empty church in a wedding dress. However, it didn’t appear that the wedding would fully take place, as a figure appeared in the doorway of the church. Suddenly, the glass and pews of the church crumbled and fell to the floor, as did the decorative flower arrangements inside. As Aya turned and raised a pistol, a wedding ring fell to the floor. With the floor slowly being covered in blood, the trailer ended and the logo flashed up on screen.

That’s about all the information that has been released so far, other than it’s expected release date for sometime in 2009 in Japan.  I’m hoping very badly that this game makes it to the North American market, since it’s one that I will definitely be getting my hands on!  I will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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[via Joystiq]

1 Response to “Parasite Eve Makes a Come-back on the PSP!”

  1. 1 Alexander

    parasite Eve 3!!! Finally! Loved the first two games and now a third one! This Better Come Out Soon or I’m gonna be paying a visit to Square Enix lol.

    Lemme Know when more info shows up, Such as a release date.
    If it comes out in Japan First, I’ll simply play it in Japanese…I did so with Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix So I can do it again.

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