Contra 4: Coming to the DS in 2007

CONTRA LOGOGrab your grappling hook folks, it’s time for CONTRA! In a direct sequel to Konami’s 1990′s SNES title Contra III The Alien Wars Contra 4 (Working title) will slap you in the space boots of four characters. They’ll be taking on the “Black Viper” in this new sidescroller that boasts new mechanics, and thankfully, multiplayer.

Everything sounds like it’s on the right track, and we here at PGR are eager to see how multiplayer works aside from the co-op campaign, be it top-down or sidescrolling…

What modes could be included? Capture the flag would be really difficult in a straight 2D plane… Deathmatch would be insanely fun though and we can’t wait any longer. BRING IT ON KONAMI!

[Via Press Release]

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – June 20, 2007 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced Contra 4 (working title) for the Nintendo DS™. Marking the 20th anniversary of the quintessential action franchise, the game pushes 2D side-scrolling action in an all-new direction with gunplay that spans two full screens, original gameplay mechanics that grant players deadlier abilities than ever before, and frantic multiplayer functionality.

Contra 4 takes place two years after the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars. After saving earth from invasion by Red Falcon, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are confronted with a new extraterrestrial menace: the terrifying Black Viper. Joined by hard-boiled mercenaries Mad Dog and Scorpion, the warriors must once again wage war against an entire army of invaders.

Refining the 2D side-scrolling genre the series established 20 years ago, Contra 4 delivers pure action at a fever pitch as players jump, shoot, and dodge oncoming hazards. Utilizing a new dual screen presentation, the action spans both screens of the Nintendo DS, giving players the opportunity to battle across expansive environments in which death can come from any direction. The use of both screens for the game’s core action also allows for massive boss battles as players try to seek and destroy the weak points of sky-high enemies. A first for the series, Contra 4 introduces a grappling hook accessory that lets players grab onto elements of the environment directly above them. Whether using it to avoid oncoming dangers or attack from a strategic vantage point, the grappling hook allows for new combat situations and dramatic set pieces that underscore the game’s adrenaline-soaked pedigree.

Continuing the multiplayer tradition of previous games in the series, Contra 4 lets two players battle together against Black Viper’s army of vile alien forces and reclaim Earth for mankind.

Developed by WayForward Technologies, Contra 4 is planned for release on the Nintendo DS in 2007. For more information on the game and the Contra franchise, please visit: .

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  1. 1 darek

    nice i my favorite game now avalible for the ds i still play contra III sometimes :D got it on ebay :D

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