Finally… Rainbow Six Vegas footage…

Rainbow Six Vegas has been delayed so many times, one begins to wonder if the quality of the game is even there. The lack of public reviews across the major gaming news outlets is a huge worry, considering how excited a lot of PSP fans were for this game.


If you hit up YouTube you can certainly find videos for the game, finally released this week, but don’t get your hopes up. While the first person elements seem to work fine, and the third person mechanic looks just fine, the visuals and action are a little… lackluster. Textures are totally absent and the firefights look too simple, however, the game still looks like some kind of fun, especially online. Hit up the link and there’s a ton of related videos for you to check out. What do you think? Did anyone buy it? Leave us a comment!

1 Response to “Finally… Rainbow Six Vegas footage…”

  1. 1 dicer999

    I got it. It is REALLY good, I recommend it to anyone who is into shooters.

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