Sega Rally Officially Coming PSP-Side

To coincide with the next-gen release of the Flatout team’s release of Sega Rally in September is a PSP release of the same game. Boasting “jaw dropping environments” and some incredible AI, Sega has the bar set pretty high for great racers this fall, as the controls are said to be super-slick and Sega promises a “Thrilling ride” for PSP owners when the game is released. The game, fortunately, will support online play via WiFi for multiple racers to hit the dirt roads in a competitive set of races.


Will Sega include any PS3/PSP cross-connectivity? If a PSP/PS3 owner owns both titles, one would wonder if they could carry on their PS3 career on the go, a la Madden. The potential for unlockables and bonus features is tremendous, and another awesome PSP Racer is nothing to complain about.


2 Responses to “Sega Rally Officially Coming PSP-Side”

  1. 1 alex

    i will have the game

  2. 2 Golden Axe

    Wow, that looks REALLY good for a PSP game. I haven’t actually played this title yet, but I might have to pick it up since it looks so great (and because I love sega :D )

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