Summer’s here! PSP Games You NEED

A large number of readers here are PSP fans and owners, and rightfully so. There’s a ton of really awesome PSP games out there, and a lot of people might have missed out on some of them. I know I’ve missed a bunch, especially some popular ones, so here we are, recommending some really awesome PSP games for you, the readers, that you might have skipped over. There’s a ton of time for gaming this summer, and since many of you might be traveling we’re hoping this guide can help you out.

Puzzle Quest


A rich, deep RPG for your PSP that’s actually really good? What’s the catch? The snag here is that it’s Bejeweled! Now hold on, it’s likely you know about this one but shrugged it off, but reconsider here. It’s a legitimate RPG with a story, multiple classes, and the puzzle element is genuinely fun. Lining up 3-5 colored orbs for mana to activate your list of unlockable spells sounds simple, but you will get sucked in. The game has a vast amount to do and has incredible depth that anyone can lose hours of their lives to.

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters


Ratchet and Clank are some of Sony’s most memorable and recognizable characters, as their humor is continually amusing. The gameplay is always right on, and the PSP iteration is no different. Action packed, funny platforming and more can be found in this decent length, gorgeous shooter follows the dynamic duo through their trials and tribulations enveloped in a fun story. Multiplayer in both local and infrastructure forms is here if you get lonely in the single player game, but you shouldn’t – it’s totally radical.

Look for more game recommendations to come in the summer days! Feel free to comment and send in suggestions!

6 Responses to “Summer’s here! PSP Games You NEED”

  1. 1 PSP PAD

    What about good racing games, do you have any info on that ???

  2. 2 PSP

    You know what guys. The only game you need is “God of War: Chains of Olympus”. This game is absolutely amazing, I give it 10/10 …you guys should really check it out

  3. 3 free

    good job man, thank you.

  4. 4 We Love PSP Games - Sony PSP Info

    Excellent recommendations for 2 great psp games. Have to agree with PSP Pad, it’d be nice to see some racing game reviews!

  5. 5 PSP games

    Do you have a similar updated list for this year?


  6. 6 barry jennings

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