After seven months, Guerilla has launched the Online Infrastructure mode for its successful PSP title, Killzone Liberation. Launching with about a dozen maps (two new ones) and, to make up for their tardiness, Chapter 5 of the single player campaign has been released to help provide some closure regarding Sargent Rico and his abrupt kidnapping. Four new missions, two of them being included in the multiplayer mode, and around two hours of new gameplay should help satisfy the lust you’ve got for Liberation.


Online supports voice chat, and eight player matches in a variety of modes. Capture the Flag, Assault, Deathmatch, the gang’s all here! As the host, you have the option to mix things up by starting the match with any weapon available. Sniper, or rocket rounds make for some great fun.

Also, the Killzone Command Center that Victor Zuylen helmed, has been revamped again – it takes a while to load, but it’s a mighty fine reward.

This is available for download in the Downloads option in your Killzone Liberation main menu. It’s lengthy, and make sure you’ve got a charged PSP.

To coincide with this, Sony released a new firmware update. 3.50 is out for your downloading… I don’t want to say ‘pleasure’ since it’s such a minute update, it’s almost worthless, but it’s here nonetheless. Available at Sony’s website, or through your Network Update Option in the XMB.

  • Support has been added to allow remote play over the internet in [Remote Play]
  • [RSS Channel Guide] has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel]

[Thanks, Michael Haddox!]

2 Responses to “Killzone Liberation Online Patch and Chapter 5, PSP Update 3.50”

  1. 1 ELMO_BG

    hey i downloaded it and everything seemed to be fine until i actually tried playing online. when i try 2 log in it says the handles is not recognised with the password… ok… wtf can sumbody tell me wat my problem might be ive linked my killzone account 2 the playstation network 1 and still nothing

  2. 2 coopeh

    iv got the same problem :( i purchased the game, downloaded the updates, created a playstation network username and pass, but it wont reconise it in game :( wot am i doin wrong? how do i get get a killzone handle? plz plz plzzzzzzzz

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