New Ninja Gaiden DS Screens!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is coming quick on the PS3, and if you don’t want to fork out 600 simoleans to play it, check out for some SCHWEET new Screens…


Like holding your DS like a book? I hope so… I don’t quite know how comfortable I will be holding it sideways, and playing Ninja Gaiden in a three dimensional environment. Drawing letters on the screen induces some magical attacks, but how you’ll control Ryu Hayabusa, while attacking, with ONE HAND, is beyond me. Any tips for me guys?


As one of my all time favorite XBOX Games, and with the mass potential the PS3 game has, can we rely on the DS version to be as good as it SHOULD be?

1 Response to “New Ninja Gaiden DS Screens!”

  1. 1 JakeA4

    At first I couldn’t believe that these were actually DS screenshots. Fortuanetly they are… it looks FANTASTIC!

    The only thing that I can see that will hurt the game is the controls. It will be fully touch controlled, which is hit or miss with a lot of people. It looks fantastic though, I just can’t wait to see more information…and a solid North American release date.

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