PSP Video 9 for Firmware 3.30 Beta

PSP Video 9 beta screenshot

With the release of the new 3.30 firmware, full screen video support has finally become feasible and the developers of PSP Video 9, Red Kawa, are all over it. In less than twenty-four hours, they put together a version of PSP Video 9, albeit very beta, capable of encoding at 480×272 and 720×480 resolution. There are only two encoding profiles to choose from, but you can’t complain considering how fast they released this puppy. This new version features a redesigned user interface. However, only 3.30 users will be able to get anything out of it because this version is only for PSP users of firmware 3.30 only. PSP users with firmware lower than 3.30 should use the most current non-beta version (1.94).

Head on over to Red Kawa for more information and download links.

[via Red Kawa]

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