TMNT Game Rocks… On GBA?!


Turns out you might just have a reason to dust off the ol’ GBA, flip out that crusty SP, or simply remove your GBA cover on the DS… Why? Ninja Turtles, baby. As the biggest TMNT fan here (who wasn’t around for it in the 80′s) I’m really excited about it. I got it for the 360, and I’m just happy as can be with it. Looking at the DS and PSP versions makes me tingle too, but seeing the boys on the cover of a GBA package made me laugh.

Looks like Ubi got the last laugh.

IGN gave it an 8.5/10… That’s high folks. Why so high? Take a look at some of the videos… The fighting system looks AWESOME. The visuals and animation are top notch! I hate watermarks in my images but scope this out, for real…tmnt-20070306023628046.jpg

It’s old school that’s for sure. It really reminds me of TMNT II on the NES and Arcade, as well as River City Ransom (the greatest NES game of all time) There is no doubt that I’ll be buying this version over both the PSP and DS versions. I was a fool to think otherwise. Check out the link above for more info… Trust me. This is a rare IGN plug.

1 Response to “TMNT Game Rocks… On GBA?!”

  1. 1 JakeA4

    I never knew you were doing some of the articles for PGR Mitch– great work so far.

    But as for the GBA version of TMNT surprising you, all I have to say is don’t turn you’re back on the GBA just yet my friend. The graphics might be sub-par (and worse in some cases) but the GBA is just an absolute powerhouse when it comes to pumping out quality games.

    This game definently isn’t on the top of my list, but I will surely be on the lookout for it as the price drops over time. I also CANNOT wait for the movie… now theirs 2 reasons for Friday to come faster.

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