GRAW 2 Fades into the Shadows… For now…


Aye, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 for the PSP has been delayed past its expected March 30th launch date in place of a June release. That hurts.

Along with GRAW’s delay is the millionth delay of Rainbow Six Vegas for the PSP, slated now for “Spring”. I don’t think we’ll ever quite see it… :(

In the mean time, check out some info and vids on the second GRAW title to tide you over…


2 Responses to “GRAW 2 Fades into the Shadows… For now…”

  1. 1 crack398


  2. 2 crack398

    why does it have to end this way……. on a totally unrealated matter i ordered rainbow six vegas for psp 3rd of january 2005 and has taken five months to get to me dont preorder psp games from virgin megastores they only delay so near its coming out day……… im getting graw 2 on psp the day it comes out……………

    p.s i live in england

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