Galaxy’s End: RTS for PSP?

galaxys end

Tiki Games, the developers of a game called Galaxy’s End are currently shopping around for a publisher to help get their real-time strategy game out on the market… and one of their visions is to have that game be released for the PSP! Yup, you heard me right, a RTS game for our little PSP… our little handheld is getting all grown up!

Galaxy’s End, an original science-fiction RTS designed from the ground-up for handhelds and consoles, is the first game being developed by Tiki Games. Compelling 3D visuals complement a streamlined and intuitive control system that allows players to learn the game within a matter of minutes. Galaxy’s End has also received Stage 1 Approval from SCEA.

You have to admit that this move is quite ballsy for a brand new developer out there, to attempt to put a fully infrastructure supported game out there. Apparently they are having trouble coming up with a partner due to the fact that their just so darn new as a development team.

Feel free to head on over to check out some gameplay that they claim comes straight from a PSP!

[via PSP Updates]

4 Responses to “Galaxy’s End: RTS for PSP?”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Sci Fi RTS?


    Count me in.

  2. 2 armsdealer

    where/when/how/howsoon can i get this? hurry up!

  3. 3 ZA


  4. 4 Swetsenegger

    When o when will there finally be a RTS game for the psp…..

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