PSP Podcast #60

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Hey guys, another week another PSP Podcast. This is a very news heavy episode for you guys, as there has been lots of news popping up lately.

In this episode we talk about Konami Gamers Day (rondo of the Blood), 3.03 downgrader, Rondo of the Blood, a pile of new games that have been announced, Exclusive downloads for EEE, Rondo of the Blood, Custom Firmware 3.03 OE-C, a new Wipeout title coming to the PSP and PS3, oh… and the announcement that Rondo of teh Blood is coming to the PSP! Should be an interesting year on the PSP!

Enjoy the podcast, and listen for the special announcement concerning all of the podcasts.

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Release List

  • The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates!


Reviews and Emails

  • 60 Second Review: Sid Meier’s Pirates! – MitchyD
  • 60 Second Review: Star Wars Lethal Alliance – Mikey

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18 Responses to “PSP Podcast #60”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Lovvve Youuuu

  2. 2 clankman

    can you help me with portals? every time i try to use it it says content cannot be displayed. i put the file in the common folder, and flash and javascript is on.

  3. 3 paul

    I listed to the “web conferencing made easy” podcast and couldn’t help thinking of an app I recently started using that is super easy, and best of all is free forever. It’s a real time desktop sharing app called Yugma FREE ( that let’s you invite up to 10 people. Great thing is that it also works on both Mac and Windows. It’s a really great solution for folks who can’t afford paying $50 per month. Free forever works for me! :)

  4. 4 Gregory Tea

    Hey man, what gives. Where the next installment of the PSP PGR podcast? Its my favorite because everyone hates all over the PSP, especially on other podcasts. You give it the respect it deserves though.

    Gregory T.
    Albany, NY

  5. 5 Nathan

    i been almost 2 Months when is the next psp podcast. ps how come you dont do pg rewind podcasts anymore…

  6. 6 Louis Z.

    Hey now! I LOVE the podcasts! Are we gonna get a new one???

    Anxiously waiting…

  7. 7 Steve Igrejas

    Seriously, where are you?

  8. 8 Nathan

    come on its been over 2 Months ps do still do PG rewind at all or with cara

  9. 9 nathan

    r u not doing them anymore you still do wii spot and ds life but are you just done with the psp

    I listen to all youer podcasts and i miss this one its been 3 and a half months

  10. 10 Bonz

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i want a psp pod cast i would listen to ds life and wii spot but Nintendo disgusts me come back Loyd we miss you

  11. 11 Nathan

    hey what happened not conplaning or anything but just informing u again



    PLease continue

    i listen to all three of your podcasts but now only 2

    im sad

    Thanks keep up the good work with your other podcasts and hopefully get up the psp podcast again

    Thanks i support you

    Love your podcasts

  12. 12 sam

    hey lloyd,
    Are you still doing the psp podcast?
    it wouldnt suprise me if you’ve traded your psp in…im certainly concidering it
    even the homebrew doesnt appeal to me anymore…
    maybe ill trade in my psp and get a lovely new ds

  13. 13 Spacemonster505

    Hey is there going to be podcast i just found PGR. I need some more podcast to break up the boredom at work. listen to psp fans dont abadon us!!!

  14. 14 Bonz

    R.I.P. sorry to day it but with only 2 podcasts this year and none for the last 10 months and nothing for Christmas i think it is safe to say that the pod casts and this site are dead…. and it makes me sad to see that lesser handhelds and lesser systems can have a cast and sony users can’t just another example of the loyal ditching sony for what is trendy sorry to see you go loyd you will be missed

  15. 15 Lloyd Hannesson

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to pop in and say that this site isn’t quite dead yet :) While there has been no podcast this year for the most part, there are still plans to have one.

    My wife Cara just had our second child in September, and it’s been a crazy year over all.

    My plans are to start fresh in 2008, and to bring this site back from the dead.

    For more info and an idea on what’s been happening lately, check out: – The Podcast – The DS:Life Podcast

    and my new site, still in beta form Nukoda –

    Thanks guys,

    Lloyd Hannesson

  16. 16 cptmoonkin


    I recently started listening to this podcast. a good Balance of homebrew and Sony and game releases.

    but tbh I wanted to skip to listen to ewan Spence’s podcast. imo the show could use a bit decoration in between the topics.

    I had trouble listening to the things being said. the only thing I remembered was talking about Sid meiers, and the wipeout announcement.

    – a little sound could be played in between the news topics.
    – I lose focus when you start talking about the downgrading, custom firmwares, Dark_alex and everything around that area. Maybe because I recently started to get an interested in that area of the PSP scene.

    it could be the show is too long or maybe you need a co-host.

  17. 17 Branden Plumley

    Where’s PSP Podcast Episode 61?

    I Love Your Podcast Show it’s AWESOME!!!

  18. 18 JerryTerrifying

    Seriously? Why’d you stop giving a crap about the PSP? I loved the PSP podcast…it was my very first!

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