PSP Podcast #59

Happy New Year! The PSP Podcast is back and ready to kick it in the 07. In this episode we talk a lot about the big news that happened over the Holidays. That is Dark Alex bringing us OE-A and OE-B.

That’s not all though, I chat about the PSone downloadable games from the Playstation Store, Sony unveiling the 8GB memory stick, getting YouTube vids on your PSP, and cover all the details of Sony’s January Content pack.

So enjoy episode #59, and stay tuned for more surprises and info. Take care guys.

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Shownotes coming soon….

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5 Responses to “PSP Podcast #59”

  1. 1 ~maniac~

    Finally! Thanks Dasme! Been waiting over a month for this!

  2. 2 Relentles

    Thx for the show, um that PimpStreamer, is good on all Firmware?

  3. 3 zorax

    Pimpstreamer 0.76 works on 1.50fw all the custom firmwares…

    I watch movies in bed, before going to sleep, streaming to my psp from my pc…

    And last summer I had a party down in the garden, instead of bringing alot of cd’s I only set up my stereo outside plugged in my psp to the system and let my pc stream all my music from my computer! ;)

  4. 4 clankman

    how do i get youtube videos onto my psp?

  5. 5 Dermot

    you can get videos from youtube if you copy the url into a youtube converter like or catch video

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