Next-Gen’s Top 50 Games of 2006

Once again, Next-Gen has put together their list of the Top 50 Games of 2006, spanning all consoles. As you can see from the list below, both the PSP and the DS came out fairly respectably, pulling in a combined eight of the honours.


8. New Super Mario Bros. – DS
23. LocoRoco – PSP
26. Brain Age – DS
27. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – PSP
36. Metroid Prime Hunters – DS
44. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops – PSP
48. Daxter – PSP
50. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror – PSP

You can check out the full list here, if you’re interested.

[via Next-Gen]

1 Response to “Next-Gen’s Top 50 Games of 2006”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Loco Roco? Seriously?

    That game was effin’ lame. Big dissapointment.

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