Wii/DS Connectivity in the Works


Nintendo’s DS Project Manager, James Honeywell, has gone on record to say that they are definitely working on software to get the DS and the Wii talking to each other. So far, the only game to do this is Pokemon Battle Revolution, but there are definitely more games in the works.

He also commented on the connectivity for other consoles, for example… the XBox 360 and PC, pointing out that it’s used mainly for media-related activities, like streaming video. He claims that the whole point of hooking your DS and Wii will focus on the fun and interaction you’ll get when you bring the two consoles together.

You will definitely see Wii and DS interoperability as soon as we have it finished,” said Honeywell. “We haven’t made any announcements over specific software for connectivity, but there are definitely a number of exciting things in creation which we want to bring to market as soon as possible. We’re hopeful that will be next year.”

So there you have it, for those of us who just haven’t gotten into the whole Pokemon craze, there is hope for us yet! Now, if only they would drop some game names to whet our appetites!

[via MCV]

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  1. 1 Brendo

    cool, sounds great

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