Dragon Quest IX to be a DS exclusive!

Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest IX

In an act Bizarro-World worthy, Square Enix announced yesterday at their highly anticipates press conference that the next game in the Dragon Quest series (Dragon Quest IX: Protectors of the Starry Sky) would be a DS exclusive!

The last few DQ games have lived on the Playstation platform and have sold like gangbusters, but once upon a time this series made it’s appearance on Nintendo’s consoles. That all changed when the Playstation 1 hit and SquareEnix (then Squaresoft) jumped ship due to Nintendo’s draconian third-party contracts.

As a gamer, I play SquareEnix games wherever they land, but it just feels right when they are on a Nintendo platform. Lets hope that this is just the first step in a new partnership between Nintendo and Square Enix.

1 Response to “Dragon Quest IX to be a DS exclusive!”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Yay, can we expect “Final Fantasy VII-2-EC-We’ve made far too many games in this franchise” on the Wii soon?!

    Cool find Das. :)

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