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Psp I talked about this a bit in the last PSP Podcast; days after Sony released firmware version 3.01 it was promptly decrypted for all to look at. We all speculated that it would be just a matter of time before a new Devhook supporting the PS3-talky goodness that this new firmware brought us. That time is now.

Booster has released version 0.51 of Devhook with full support for emulating firmware version 3.01!

I do not have a PS3 to test with, but from what I understand the downloadable PS1 titles fully work with this emulated version of the 3.01 firmware. Homebrewers rejoice!

Check out qj.net for all the necessary downloads to get this bad boy up and running.

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  1. preciso do devhook para rodar fimwear 3.0 para download