Quick DVD to PSP conversion on your Mac

If you’ve been looking to convert your DVDs to other formats on your Mac you’ve probably downloaded, or at least heard of a program called Handbrake. It’s a great and powerful application for DVD ripping, although it suffers from a confusing user interface and huge learning curve. Well now you are in luck! Instant Handbrake has just been released as a beta, and it has simplified the process of ripping DVDs to iPod or PSP format!

Instant Handbrake

Simply drop in the DVD you wish to encode, open Instant Handbrake, choose the video file and options and hit convert. Instant Handbrake will worry about transcoding the video to the format you selected, and even import it into iTunes for you.

This is great news for people who like to watch movies while on the go and do not want to pay the premium for the limited UMD movie format. Again, ripping a DVD may be illegal in your country (Yes you US, I’m talking to you), so be sure of the legality before downloading and using this application.

Download Instant Handbrake

4 Responses to “Quick DVD to PSP conversion on your Mac”

  1. 1 eclipz

    I’ve been using this for a while. I find that ripping my DVD first using another mac program then using instant handbrake to convert to MP4 works really well. I’ve read mixed reviews on using it to rip then encode at the same time. Overall it’s a great app.

  2. 2 Mitchyd

    I wish it was for Windows… :(

  3. 3 Dr.Hookems

    Ive got a mac and have also been using instant handbrake but i wish that you could change the specific file size. works on ipods too

  4. 4 mike

    i bet its cool

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