spot downloadI figured that this would be an appropriate article to put up following the news about the DS download stations at the Atlanta airport.

According to IGN, PSP gamers in the US can expect to shortly be able to download their own content via kiosks… not at airports, but at several popular retailers – including Circuit City, Toys “R” Us, Target and GameStop. PSP fans in both Europe and Japan have been able to take advantage of this sort of download system for quite a while now… it’s about time that it migrated overseas!

Beginning this month [November 2006], consumers can take their PSP system to participating retailers, and download gaming and entertainment content directly to their PSP system. These interactive kiosks will offer game demos, movie trailers, music clips, mini-strategy guides, wallpapers and more.

Sony has announced that the first line of games that will be available for download will consist of Outrun, Worms, Dungeon Siege, MLB 2006, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, Lumines 2, Every Extend Extra, Race Driver 2006, and Daxter.

Plans are in effect to have the program expanded to 6,000 retail locations across the US by January 2007.

[via IGN]

12 Responses to “Sony Starts PSP Spot Download Stations”

  1. 1 Woody5216

    I went to a couple of E.B. Games here in southern Indiana and here are my impressions of the PSP Spot download center. The first store I went into the sales people were talking together, they ignored me for several minutes, and only after I asked for help did they acknoledge me. Not off to a good start. I asked about the 2 foot in diameter yellow and black sticker on the floor in front of the PSP merchandise and the salesman said ” I don’t know any thing about it, I think there is a cd or something…” I said “Could you find out?” I must have asked him to cut his leg off by his reaction. After a few seconds of his just standing there looking at me, I turned around and left. The second E.B. games store at the mall had more helpfull sales people and the guy that help me seemed to know a little about how to get the stuff off the demo PSP. The demos them selves (Every Extend extra, lumines II, Lemmings, and a Loco Roco demo) disappear when you go to download another demo or turn your PSP off. You can’t download to your memory stick. So just enjoy these at the mall. The other things to download were some game videos. I would like to keep the demos to really find out if I like the game. I have bought Killzone and Loco Roco simply because I got a free demo to try out at my leisure. I also have tried the bounty hounds demo out and I don’t think much of it. Still a good thing, because unless you have a Game Crazy/Hollywood Video store it’s hard to get people to let you try out a game before you buy it. If a game is $20.00 you can’t get hurt too bad but what if you spend $60.00 on the new G.T.A. and hate it? All in all it is a very nice thing for Sony and the people that publish games to do for us. I LIKE DEMOS. I want to be able to keep them for a while and really try them out, at home, not at the mall.

  2. 2 Mitchyd

    I agree totally. Demo’s are a HUGE selling point in the market. The Killzone demo sold it for me, and I’ll be getting Exit 2. DOWNLOAD station, huh?

  3. 3 Carlos

    thats good but just go to the psp main website. it got demos

  4. 4 Frobro

    Do you think it’s for only as long as your psp is on? I hate getting demos and having them be gone when I turn off my psp.

  5. 5 Mobek.

    PSP Sports ahve been out ages

  6. 6 Mitchyd

    This one’s in the US… they’re becoming more common.

  7. 7 DGamer

    What retailers do have download stations?

  8. 8 fatma

    i ecaxtly want to know how to download things on my psp like the sims

  9. 9 chingy

    i agree it is very easy to download. simple.

  10. 10 Axel

    do anybody know how to change language on Psp Spot?
    I got a japanese psp, and i don’t understand anything.

  11. 11 random guy

    Does anyone know of a good website to download demos from?

  12. 12 Berna

    It is hard to download games like psp

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