Every year, IGN puts out their guide to the best gear for the holiday season… and this year they don’t disappoint! They have released their 2006 Holiday Buyer’s Guide, and here is their insight into the best games to put under the tree for both the DS and PSP:

Ds guide

With all of this momentum behind the Nintendo DS comes a ton of fantastic games to own. Games for the hardcore. Games for the grandparents. Games for the younger crowd. There’s a wide range of software for the system, and we’ve gone through this year’s releases and handpicked the games that will make any DS owner cheer this holiday season.

- Big Brain Academy
- Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
- Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
- Clubhouse Games
- Elite Beat Agents
- Final Fantasy III
- New Super Mario Bros.
- Tetris DS
- Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
- Yoshi’s Island DS

psp guide

Unlike console gamers, who always find themselves stuck in front of those dastardly television sets, PSP owners benefit from the freedom to game wherever the hell they want. That’s right, they can enjoy the hottest games of the 2006 holiday season whenever and wherever they damn well please.

- Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
- Daxter
- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
- Killzone: Liberation
- LocoRoco
- Medal of Honor Heroes
- Mercury Meltdown
- Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
- Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
- Tekken: Dark Resurrection

[via IGN]

3 Responses to “Best Holiday Games (according to IGN)”

  1. 1 Mobek.

    Humm Some of the PSP Games i will buy
    Killzone: Liberation
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

    Only them two intrest me i love shoot em ups but not teken ect

  2. 2 Mitchyd

    Metal Gear is going to own my soul.

  3. 3 JakeA4

    I completely agree with all the ones mentioned for the DS, because they are pretty much marketed to come out for the holidays, and are HUGE games for the DS this year.

    But the PSP’s has a few games missing (imo) from it.

    Namely Fire Team Bravo 2 (Excuse my mistake if it’s actually on there)

    Good job with pumping out the info. :)

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