DS Lite – Gadget of the Year?


The nominees have been selected for Time magazine’s prestigeous 2006 Gadget of the Year award! Their tech guy, Wilson Rothman, has narrowed down the list to eight gadgets. The following items appear on the list:

- Logitech VX Revolution
- Sanyo HD1 Digital Media
- Apple MacBook Pro
- Nintendo DS Lite
- Logitech Wireless DJ
- Nike + iPod Sport Kit
- Garmin StreetPilot c550
- Palm Treo 700w

As you can see, the DS Lite finds itself in quite the distinguished line-up of products! It turns out that the voters are definitely fans of the little handheld system, as the polls are showing the DS Lite ahead of the pack with a comfortable 59% of the vote (a full 32 percentage points above it’s nearest competitor, the Apple MacBook Pro) – these stats are current to the time I cast my own vote this evening.

This handheld game platform has two screens (including a PDA-like touchscreen) plus built-in microphone and wireless connectivity with a stylus. Nintendo wants to lure non-gamers, so a new series of games is geared towards older folks, dubbed Touch Generations including math-and-reading games, plus addicting sudoku and crossword puzzles.

Click here to cast your vote!

[via Time]

2 Responses to “DS Lite – Gadget of the Year?”

  1. 1 Weefz

    Woo, go DS Lite! :) Definitely got my vote.
    Nike iPod is useful but has calibration problems and it’s really easy to upload fake results. The rest are a bit boring, really.

  2. 2 AlphA

    where are you psp… :’(

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