Consoles get Graded!

DSApparently Robert Workman over at GameDaily felt the need to give grades to all of the consoles, including the handheld systems. I would be remiss if I didn’t present his findings to you!

He based his rankings on a few different aspects, including the price, available games and possible future of the system.

The DS Lite was praised for it’s revolutionary touchscreen, bazillion games and a price tag that is fairly easy on the wallet, coming in at a reasonable $129.99 USD.

Next to the iPod, the DS should be next on the gotta-have gadget list. The vast game lineup caters to every flavor of gamer, and it won’t hurt the wallet.

The PSP didn’t do too badly for itself either, with the author commenting on the fact that for the most part, PSP games are geared towards a more mature audience, while having all sorts of other capabilities – at least he remembered that it’s not just for gaming!

The Sony PSP may be the more expensive handheld system on the market, but the variety of games available for it makes it an easy choice for those who aren’t into Nintendo’s style.

In the end, the Nintendo DS Lite came out on top with a grade of “A” while the PSP trailed behind with a “B”, mostly due to the elevated price tag.

[via GameDaily]

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