Sony vs. Lik-Sang

LawsuitSony has won a resounding victory against popular online retailer Lik-Sang over their grey market exports of Japanese PSP’s. Judge Michael Fysh ruled that Lik-Sang was in breach of Sony’s intellectual property rights by importing its products in the case that went all the way to London’s High Court. (Grey importing is importing a product into a country without the manufacturer’s consent.)

Having won their case, Sony has now put out a warning to other online retailers, threatening the same action against others who are “illegally” importing and exporting their products without explicit permission.

Sony declined to comment directly on the case. However, a spokesperson did tell Games “The law is clear; grey importing PS2, PSP or PS3 into the EU, without the express permission of SCE is illegal. Therefore, we will utilise the full scope of the law to put a stop to any retailers who chose to do this.”

I actually know quite a few people who have utilized Lik-Sang’s website to order special items that aren’t available outside of Japan, including games and accessories along with consoles. I wonder if this lawsuit is going to affect importing from Lik-Sang into North America, given that the order was passed down specifically for the UK?

[via PSP Fanboy]

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