With a bittersweet announcement, Ahman’s prolific do-all application iRShell is no more. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me as the relases and feature additions were coming fast and furious since the first version was made available. The message over on irshell.com simply reads:

iR Shell 2.2 Final is released. The is the final release of iR Shell and thank you for everyone’s support. I hope all of you enjoy using iR Shell as much as I enjoyed developing it. Goodbye!

So with that 2.2 is out, and sadly, that is that for this terrific piece of homebrew.

I personally would like to thank Ahman for all that he has done for the homebrew community. Other homebrew authors rallied around iRShell and created some great plugins to allow for some great features. So download, use and support this great piece of homebrew. Version 2.2 brings up some great additions:


  1. The Homebrew directory can be customized under iR Configurator. You can change it from original /PSP/GAME to anything you like. Pls note if you relocate the homebrew directory, XMB won’t be able to launch them.
  2. You can now organize your homebrews into various sub-folders, such as:Emulators, Games, General Utilities, WiFi Applications. This will help to organize your homebrews and make it easier to locate a specific one easier. It also helps to speed up the APP view. The sub-folder must be in the syntax of “$name$”. The 2 dollar signs are used to signify this is a folder which contains various homebrews.
  3. The File Manipulation has been updated for the APP view, so that you can create, rename, delete directories as usual. Pls note when you create directory under APP view, you don’t need to put dollar signs and the system will add them automatically.
  4. A new PMP Mod AVC 1.02M plugin by Magelo is included. In order to avoid conflicts with the original PMP Mod 2.02. This new AVC plugin will use extension name “AVC” which means you’ll have to rename your pmp avc files to name.avc. The original PMP movie files will still be name.pmp.
  5. A new beautiful skin “Vista Clarity” by PSPHax0r9.

Download IRShell from iRShell.com

[via iRShell.com]

15 Responses to “iR Shell 2.2 Final released, really is final”

  1. 1 gil

    Can you use it with v2.81 or v2.80, and is it safe? by safe i meant will it break my psp

  2. 2 bk

    Yeah, does any1 know if it works on 2.8 like the recent tetris game. This looks amazing from the screenshot!

  3. 3 P!ATD

    no, this will most definetly not work with anything over 1.5. it requires kernel access that can only be performed in 1.5 .

  4. 4 bk

    ok, thnx anyway

  5. 5 gil


  6. 6 b-randon

    somebody make a homebrew tht wrks wth frmwre v2.81

  7. 7 nio anarchey

    i hav no clue what any of you are talking about…but it sounds realy cool so if you could plz explain it 2 me that would br gr8…my aim is blackmushrooom…thx

  8. 8 Teyseer

    Can this iRSHELL work with psp version 3.14? If not is there any iRSHELL that can work with version 3.14 and it will not break my PSP? If not is there a possible way to downgrade to PSP version 2.12?

  9. 9 patrick p

    yes, there is a downgrader buth your will destroy your psp i have don’t to and i was not happy after that, i goth blackscreen and on every button no reaction. So this is a warning. if you wanna save your psp do not downgrade it!!! greetssss patrick

  10. 10 ramo

    how do you put the ir shell to your psp pleaseeeee i really need the help

  11. 11 ramo

    I really need it

  12. 12 mylo

    what do you do hand how do you work this irshell thing i have no clue and i tried all sorts of stuff i used the instructions but nothing the closest i got was this game does not work with some number starting with 800 i need help please help me

  13. 13 Luke

    well i have custom fireware 3.03 OE-C
    by any chance would i be able to get IRshell on my psp or do i have to mod it or wot or is it just a no i cnt have it.
    ive asked loadz of ppl and they wont give me a st8 answer.

  14. 14 willman

    ok major problems on the simple stuff.
    when i go to copy the files (this is ir shell 3.9)
    i get a error saying someting like
    cannot copy, parameters incorrect.
    what is going ON?
    besides the fact that hps kinda suck sometimes.
    thanks all

  15. 15 zoka

    can irshell 2.2 work on psp 3.80m33

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