DS:Life Episode #004 Released

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DS:Life PodcastAfter some delays due to an exploding laptop, DS:Life Episode #4 is here for your listening pleasure!

This episode brings the trio back together to talk about all things Nintendo DS… some Wii and PSP chatter slips in there too. We discuss the total pwning that Nintendo is doing to the portable market in Japan, mention the Opera browser and how the reviews that are out there may be flawed, briefly mention the new DS models and colours here and abroad, then even get some time to chat a bit about the homebrew scene.

We love you listeners, and are happy to play three 60 second game reviews and 3 audio comments! Keep sending these in guys! Not only do we love receiving them, but if we like them we’ll possible play your submissions in a future episode of the podcast!So until next time, enjoy your DS:Life.

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1 Response to “DS:Life Episode #004 Released”

  1. 1 MitchyD

    Motha fuckin’ missiles at the motha fuckin’ plane!!!

    Pure podcast gold.

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