PSP Podcast #53

Here’s PSP Podcast #53! We have lots of news for you this week, as lots has happened. I talk about my 1.5 downgrade experience, chat a bit about some homebrew, go over the pricing info for the Camera and GPS addons, then Cara come to the rescue with a great episode of The Scene! Enjoy!

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11 Responses to “PSP Podcast #53”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    You’re a bastard. I have to go to bed. *sigh*

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya, tomorrow…

  2. 2 ajl34

    very interested in gps. love the podcast

  3. 3 npp

    yeah the GPS is interesting but it isn’t that good coz it refreshes every second, that is bad, it will be off by heeps when going fast or even at the normal speed limit

  4. 4 Dicer999

    Very interested too (’bout the GPS) but at npp, you dont know what its final specs are, no one does pretty mutch – until it comes out.

    Donwloading now lloyd, great job!

    FYI, Locoroco has been out here in the UK for AGES!!!

  5. 5 HARDcorGamerxXx

    Geratb podcast! really cool but u can also downgrade without a friend with 1.5 if u get the full version.

  6. 6 Socomdevil

    Nice and great podcast. If you have the time keep coming more

  7. 7 LUVtheLoco

    I was jumping all over the bus while listeing to The Scene!
    Then I feel into a depressing rut once I realized I don’t have 50 dollars…

    Loans? Anyone?

  8. 8 AJ

    Downloading rifht now

  9. 9 eric_son

    dude wat the hell wen am i getting anuther podcast?

  10. 10 Dasme


    Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that you were PAYING for the podcasts… let me get you one right away sir!

  11. 11 HARDcorGamerxXx

    nice burn!

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