DS Lite Bling

Famous Japanese designer Tikko a Swarovski has modded a DS Lite by adding crystals onto the flap behind the DS’ LCD screen. If desire one of these hand-customized DS Lites, you simply need to fly over to Japan and find a way to contact Swarovski. He’ll sell you one for $390 American.

[via Waleg.com]

5 Responses to “Swarovski blinged out DS Lite”

  1. 1 Dicer999

    Gark!. (thats what i said when he picture came up, dont ask why because i dont even know) How mutch is a normal DS ‘cos 390UDS doesnt seem that much for an oversived pice of jewlery?

  2. 2 Mitchyd



  3. 3 Bakerboy

    Yeah, it’s not my cup of tea, but it will attract fashionista chicks to gaming. haha!

  4. 4 Dicer999

    I know what you mean, i would never in my whole life buy one (‘cos of the looks) but it will bring in chicks like moths on a dim light.

  5. 5 pieman

    dicer999, a reg ds lite is 130 bucks. this ones 3x the price.

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