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The famous RPG series, Elder Scrolls, is headed for the PSP. This new game will be entitled The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, and will not be a simple port. Not too much is known, but unfortunately, previous handheld versions of the series on N-Gage and mobile phones also bore the “Elder Scrolls Travels” prefix. I […]

5 new PSP colors announced.

5 new PSP colors were shown off at TGS this week, although they were not shown as shipping units just demos. Sony revealed the PSP sporting bright yellow, metallic red, metallic blue, and 2 camouflage variations. Personally, I think that all of these new colours are appalling and am not interested in any of them […]

DS:Life Episode #005 Released

As always, the DS:Life podcast will be in it’s own feed, and downloadable from Please visit that site to download/subscribe for automatic download. Welcome to the fifth episode of your DS:Life. This episode brings you Lloyd and Edgar to talk about all things DS. It was a light news week leading up to this […]

PaRappa PSP title confirmed

That’s right, everyone’s favorite rapping dog is coming to the PSP! Unfortunately, it will be a mere port of the PlayStation original. The only new features will be wireless multiplayer and updated graphics to fit our handheld’s widescreen ratio. Not many details have been released about this game yet, but more than likely, we will […]

Killzone: Liberation hands-on preview

Killzone: Liberation is a game that many people around this site have been waiting to come out for quite some time. The PS2 title Killzone was a good game, and fans have been waiting for some sort of a follow-up. Today in the mail, I got my hands on the demo of Killzone: Liberation, and […]

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” said Don Corleone in the Godfather (greatest movie ever). Whether or not the PSP game based on the movie will be unrefusable is yet to be seen but based on the scores its console brethren are getting, it should be a pretty decent game. If Mob […]

PGZine is about all portable game systems. To prove that to you we are bringing you a great review of Starfox Command for the DS today. Mitchyd has done a great job bringing you his thoughts on the game, thanks for submitting this Mtchyd. If you would like to contrbute to the PGZine, drop my […]

With a bittersweet announcement, Ahman’s prolific do-all application iRShell is no more. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me as the relases and feature additions were coming fast and furious since the first version was made available. The message over on simply reads: iR Shell 2.2 Final is released. The is […]

First homebrew game on fw2.80 released!

Users of a 2.80 firmware PSP can now rejoice, the first piece of homebrew using the recently found libtiff exploit is now out there. Noobz brings you a version of Tetris that runs on your 2.8 PSP. Simple download the Tetris package, extract it to your ms0:/PSP/PHOTO dir and play away. While a bit simplistic, […]

iPod, the new portable gaming system?

With Apple’s “Showtime” media presentation yesterday, a new contender in the portable gaming playing field emerged. Apple has announced, and is currently offering, game downloads through the iTunes Music Store for $4.99 US. These games are all playable on your 5G iPod, and are also all controlled with the iPods patented scroll wheel. The current […]

Yet another game in the Prince of Persia series is going portable. This new game is entitled Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, coming to Europe’s shores before North America’s for a change! This game is expected this holiday season in Europe, but all of us on the western side of the pond won’t see it […]

It’s been a while since portable gaming has seen this many games coming out in one week. The radar shows five new PSP games this week. They all should be pretty decent games, whether they are AAA games is yet to be seen. One to look out for is LEGO Star Wars II: The Original […]


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