PSP GPS Peripheral

Recently, pictures of Sony’s planned camera and GPS add-ons flooded gaming sites all over the web. Sony has announced the Japanese release date and price of both.

The 1.3 mega pixel camera will be capable of taking pictures at either 480×272 or 640×480 resolution, and shooting 30 fps video 15 seconds at a time. The camera will set us back roughly $43 USD including a storage case.

The GPS will also sit on top of your PSP, connected to the USB port. The GPS will refresh every second and will need separately sold map packs to run. The GPS receiver will cost approximately $52 USD.

Both of these new items will be released in Japan in December 7th. Unfortunately, Sony has not announced any North American or European release dates. Hit the jump for a picture of the camera.

PSP Camera Peripheral


255 Responses to “More PSP camera and GPS details released”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Actually, the price on those aren’t bad.

    I was thinking on the drive home today that it would rock if the cam had video support. Make for great video blog multiple 15 second intervals? LAME!


    Good story Bakes.

  2. 2 Quigles

    The price doesnt seem too bad. If its $35 it will be better….

  3. 3 Dicer999

    Wow! Thats only like, 12 pounds on england!

  4. 4 Mitchyd

    Of course 35 is better. :)

    So is 25…

    or 10…

    or free…

  5. 5 Demon hunter

    sweet!!! i so can not like wait man…

  6. 6 Dr.Hookems

    The gps looks sweet
    camera is lame

  7. 7 Bonz

    as far as game uses (as mentioned in the podcast) i think for the golf game to use it you will need to be at a hot point 1 reaseon and one only i think it will have to download the course for the nerest available local golf course. Now game day i expect that they will have 1 for every major city in canada and the US. In time i expect that it will expand to include most citys in canada at least, only because we don’t have manny bigger citys with good enough courses to be used. they will do it for us cause we have few big citys that have quality golf courses.

  8. 8 Gamesdmc3

    only reason im getting the psp camra is for video chat because the eyetoy games are sorry

  9. 9 CameraLUVA

    The GPS will be used (in a game) so you have to travel to a certain location to do SOMETHING. Kinda like GeoCatching. Which maybe now you can play on your PSP, SWEET!

    The camera I love just because I love gadgets.
    (Seeing the pics make me wanna scream!!!!)
    (In delight.)

  10. 10 abcdefghigklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    camera for psp is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11 Oh My Dog

    lol 1.3 megapixels suck. i already have a LG SV550 with a 5MP camera. GPS would be nice though. like oh holy mother**beep**er. im lost, GPS time, (mission impossible theme plays) muhahaha

  12. 12 pootish

    i have a psp oh yes

  13. 13 pootish


  14. 14 pootish


  15. 15 DUR

    i wonder if it can make calls too???

  16. 16 Calrisian

    do you think the cam would run on my PSP if i had it impoted? how about the GPS? and would it take any major software changes to run?

  17. 17 Jacob Porter

    “Seperately Sold Map Pack to Run?” Jeez, I wonder how much THOSE are gonna cost? They’ll prolly be sold over the internet, hopefully for all parts of the world and hopefully not too expensive. Still, finding out that you need to spend more money on the gizmo is like a kick to the crotch…

  18. 18 Kevo

    only 52 bucks i thought it was gonna b like 100

  19. 19 nio anarchey

    that REALY sucks that the GPS uses sepritlu sold map packs, knowing those dam japanise teyl jack up the prices of those… the camers looks usless…ANARCHEY 4 LIFE

  20. 20 Got a question

    DO anybody know when its come out in US

  21. 21 Gq4

    I am so tired of waiting for Sony to release the gps and they have been delaying it for so long, when the psp was first released the e3 show had a demo for the gps and I was awaiting the release of this product since then, and now they say the product will be released in Japan in December – and we will have to wate in north America ( who knows how long if they don’t delay the release of the product yet again. Not to mention the mapping software: I am mad yet still waiting for this….

  22. 22 Mike

    Damn Mitchy,i cant type “PSP” in “google” without seeing you everywhere i go!!! Whats up douche? Get on FTB2!

  23. 23 Alan

    Doode wtf is up with the white psp and pink psp i see them all the time but theyre still not released as well as the camera or gps damn release them already

  24. 24 kid toucher

    when is the officual release date for this camera and gps!

  25. 25 adam

    i see how u access the camera seeing from the 3.0 update but i dont see anything for the gps

  26. 26 PsP Dude!

    So can someone fully describe to me what a GPS thing is, how it works and what it does? Is it like a map of the entire world?!?! What is it?

    Thanks, plzz help me!

    P.S. The camera sound SWEET!

  27. 27 simon

    It wud b cool if there waz a mic in the cam

  28. 28 Joe

    1.3 pixels?! pathetic Why does Sony hate us so much?

  29. 29 metry02118

    this is a good thing i was talking about it a long time ago that sony should make a camara and GPS. another good thing is that the psp is compatible with the PS3. FOR THOSE OF U WHO HAVE A PSP GET THE NEW UPDATE 3.01 IT IZ THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30 pieman

    hey PsP Dude, gps is a thing that tells you ure exact location and its sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.3mp isn’t that bad thats 1280X800 which more than a reg computer monitor.
    The camera does have a mic and records video.
    The camera isn’t region loced and u dont have know japanese u can look up the instructions w/ver 3.01


  31. 31 AlphA

    Yeah, the camera’s max res is 1280×900, and you can take films with a maximum resolution of 480×272 (i think) at 30fps, wich is the psp screen’s size and actually quite a good resolution for a movie.
    Anyway all the info you need comes with firmware 3.01, in the internet part, there’s an online manual which is very helpfull. I’m getting the camera from japan, this rocks!

  32. 32 shamir

    well the camera and the GPS looks cool but i didnt expect it to look like this i thought it would look cooler and more smaller

  33. 33 Xorge

    stupid shit, wats the point of GPS. it would be so lame to carry it around because who knows it u might need it and the camera come on! 1.3 mega pixels? 15 second videos? that’s so useless. overall it’s just plain stupid

  34. 34 PsP1001

    I have seen pictures of the psp camera and it would be way better if it was faceing the other way you know like a normal digital camera? You probably can’t change the direction either. Im still getting it.

  35. 35 kev

    typin this on psp. the usefulness of the camera is debatable. my cell has a better resolution. the gps on the other hand will be great. just hope they can develop a good mapping software, otherwise this will be useless too.

  36. 36 Thomas

    If you go to the onlnine instruction manuals onthe psp and chose english and search “PSP Camera” and click search goto using the camera and recording pictures/movies, it says “Press the R button to begin recording and press again to stop”. Doesn’t that mean press again when YOU want to stop ?!?!? NOT after 15 seconds also the have estamated number/length of recordable photos / moives. its says at 480×272 30fps(frames per second) 5 mins on 256mb card at the highest setting. the formats are, 480×272 15 or 30 fps and 320×240 30 or 15 fps. depending on the quality u choose you can record any where from 5mins on a 256 card to 108 mins on a 1 gb card. And remember people, cards go up to 4gb(giga bites)!! So, no the camera is not going to suck, it’s gonna kick ASS!!!! Questions or comments, write to

  37. 37 brad450

    ok the idea of the gps and camera is to get the psp to do more then play games and music and of cource video i for one find the psp camera and gps are very good ideas since my pocket pc has all this and iam the guy who travels a lot so you know what iam willing to spend a couple quid on some nefty software for the city of london or where ever you are but i just hope sony will make the software localy so i could have my home city. montreal is a kinda small city in quebec but if sony only makes it for LA and NEW YORK i would hate them. the camera is the best idea ever and dont you see were this is going soon we would have txt messaging and who knows MSN so just stay around because iam pretty sure sony’s got a couple tricks up there sleeves. TO SONY:if you make every city in china,japan,US,canada and europe you people would practicly own the gps industry

  38. 38 Anonymous

    hi guys, i saw all the complaining about how many m.p. the cam will be and i thought i’d clear a couple of things up. first off think of how tiny this peice of cutting edge technology will be, maybe 1 1/2×1 1/2×1/2 i’m estimating. now for that thing to have 1.3 mp is quiete amazing, considering its size. i’ll just let you guys think on that for now P.S. I’m on my psp :P

  39. 39 BigDOggWAng

    I was super stoked about this whole camera thing when i got my psp upgrade, so i decided to look into it a little deeper and turns out that the camera seems to suck. 1.3 m.p? 15 second videos? and im sure there’s no flash on the camera! not even worth that money. But maybe it will just be a first in a series i think anything higher then 2.5 would be awesome for the resolution. gps – if it has a large section of area in these “map packs” – awesome

  40. 40 Vincent

    Do me a favour and stop fucken baggin out consoles and shit, no one cares about your fucken opinions you cockheads and for the people who dont bag them out and like all platforms, good on ya YEAHH!!!!!

  41. 41 DJ007

    Hey pieman, where did you find the spec of the camera having a mic??? Haven’t been able to find this anywhere. Buying the 1.3 meg camera would suck if they came out with a higher res version later. The GPS looks great!

  42. 42 pieman
  43. 43 zach

    1.3 megapixels, are you kidding me. The owner of sony makes a $500 playstation 3 and he cant even put out a decent camera or GPS for psp? Are you kidding me? I cant believe you have to buy a seperate package to get the psp GPS to work. Thats another $100 they cheat you out of. Wow sony has really gone downhill with all theyre products along with their T.V’s and electronics.

  44. 44 Jord

    If they release it in Japan would that be like asia and the middle east too
    because my moms over in Afganestan (sorry for mis-spell) so it could possibly be there before america gets it?

  45. 45 buzz


  46. 46 PSP DUDE.

    I love my PSP, but at 1.3 megs of resolution, there’s no way in hell Im shelling out even a measley 43 bucks for sucj a clunky looking camera. It looks like some do-it-yourself PSP project. Hell, even my freakin phone has a slightly bigger resolution. Now, if they go back and release a 100-130 dollar cam with 3 megs of resolution… then count me in. And as far as the GPS we’re just gonna have to wait to see if its worth it.

  47. 47 mafia

    dud i just have to say your saying 1.3 MP sucks i know it does but thats great for the size of that camera.

  48. 48 Anonymous

    Oh for god’s sake, if you people would stop bitching about it for just one second, you would see that the size of thing is about the of a camera in a cell phone, not including its plastic covering. And most of them have 1.3 mp. If you people want 2.5 and up, then it would have to be a lot bigger and then it would cruddy because it would be so bulky. thing is close to cutting-edge technology considering how many pixels it has for its size. It just seems that America is getting harder and harder to plz.

  49. 49 Kyopsis

    um…hello?? do you people have no sense of logic? certainly no understanding of this things purpose! it is not designed to replace a digital camera! its supposed to be like a web cam, video chats for example, if anything 1.3 mega pixels is MORE than enough, streaming 5 mega pixel videos just wouldn’t work at the PSPs wireless B connection, plus the higher MP would make it too expensive, and yes, you can turn the lens to take pics of yourself or something in front of you, and this is just a preview, it’ll prob come in black before it gets released in the US (hopefully) so quit complaining over the resolution being so small (1.3 is more than most moniter resolutions anyway) and open your minds and see what this unit is truly designed for!

  50. 50 somebody

    i was expecting about 10$ for the camera..

    come on. its only 1.3mp.

    im poor

  51. 51 somebody

    gps looks sweet tho

  52. 52 pieman

    somebody, u r very poor. At cvs a frikin keychain digital camera with 640X480 res and a 1.1 screen that can’t take vids and has a 8mb drive cost $20.

  53. 53 LolipopKing

    Since the 3.01 update, we have camera support. I doubt the camera is region specific. I’m gonna order it from Play-Asia’s website.

  54. 54 ubayd sharif

    WOW!!!! I think that psp camera is very good because it was very nice design. I think that psp camera is cost £25.

    from UK- Glasgow Bishopbriggs

    Ubayd Sharif
    (Chief executive)

  55. 55 spicka
  56. 56 psp_owner

    dam……….!!! psp cam and gps o sh*t! that is da bomb! imma get it when it comes out! does anyone knoe when?

  57. 57 maicol

    i want to buy the psp camera, in DC.
    i want a location, where to buy this product.

  58. 58 PSP lover

    What are you idiots thinking? The slight thout of a digital camera for a PSP is briliant! As for me Im (probably(Im 10 and broke) buying it as soon as it comes out!

    P.S. dose any one know when its coming to WAL-MART?

  59. 59 dnt worry

    EBUDDY – YES, MSN – NO. Microsoft own msn, and incase ur 4gettin, SONY and Microsoft are rivals (PS3 & XBOX 360 ) etc. (there’s even a 360 faceplate that says F*UCK PS3) so they aint gonna allow sony to use msn, no way! psp camera is so weak man, 1.3 MP , r u crazy. at the absolute minimum, i expected 2MP seeing as 99.9% of SONY erricson phones have a camera resolution of 2MP or more. SAD but still gettin it

  60. 60 Jason

    Did anybody here get the new PSP software patch? It has this camera feature on it. Now I’m not sure if this is related to the “official” psp camera b/c, when I try to access this function it says, “Connect A camera that is compatible with the psp system to the USB connector.” Now I think that this sentance means is that all you need is a fairly new digital camera that is compatible and you can view the photos you take with it on the PSP. I’m still not sure though, so I was wondering if there is somebody out there who has more info about this patch and can tell me and the world how to use it and what cameras are compatible.

  61. 61 Jason

    P.S. the PSP GPS looks cool, does anybody know when it is coming to the US?

  62. 62 Adeel

    I would have liked it if Sony had made a 5 megapixel camera for the psp not an entry level resolution…

    kind Regards


  63. 63 PSP lover

    O.K. maby the idia of a camera is a little exsesive but its still awsom. Im not so shure about the GPS thoe.

  64. 64 PSP lover

    No realy when is it coming to WAL-MART?

  65. 65 ut2004player

    GPS will be useful since my family is always getting lost on road trips. But does any body have more information on how the gps works? what software it uses? And what features the gps will have? How much will the separatly sold maps cost?



  66. 66 PSP GPS/CAM!?!

    oh sh*t! i cant wait 4 it 2 come! Any [release] dates?

  67. 67 somebody

    you guys who say the psp camera are complete morons. the camera isn’t going to replace your digital camera. If you expected something that good you should just buy a different digital camera. If you don’t like the psp camera than stop saying bad things about it because honestly nobody wants to hear that negativety you negative assholes! Stop giving it crap!

  68. 68 corey

    how much dose the psp camera coast even thow it may suck.

  69. 69 Kyopsis

    if the camera was 5 MP it would drive the cost up to 200 – 300 dollars! use your head people! and stop asking when it comes out! it just said there are no release dates! it will be posted as soon as its released! and Corey, learn to spell for christs sake

  70. 70 nigga supreme

    u pussi’s shut the fuck up. when the hell r u going to need a gps. and fuckin buy a camera if can’t stop bitchin. u should be worried about flashplayer upgrades

  71. 71 DEADEND

    Does anyone know when the PSP camera is going to launch in Dubai? Also does anyone know weather the GPS for psp will support india.

  72. 72 Darkyoda

    Hey i have a friend hes a exchang student from hong kong and he has a camera i played with it. It also comes with a editing soft ware so u can make longer videos than just 15 sec clips you just have to shoot them seperate ly … also you can choose music and sound effects to go with it and mess with collor add images all kninds of stuff if you ask me the camera is kick A** …….

    Nods and walks off………….

  73. 73 J-CA$$H

    i have a big problem wit people baggin on the psps camera having 1.3megapixels. if your holding a psp you can really only take a picture of the person holding it so why the hell would you want more megapixels you people piss me off baggin sony.

  74. 74 Big Steve

    check out ebay for the cameras, they came out in japan and ppl r sellin them on ebay for 60 – 80 buck

  75. 75 pieman

    actually, J-CA$$H, u can turn the camera on its “base” 180 degrees for shots of other people.

    p.s. 1.3 mp is higher than the highest graphical setting on Star Wars Battlefront 2

  76. 76 sunny

    is the gps system gana be voice actviated like will it talk to u???

  77. 77 usamah sharif


    how much dose the psp camera coast even thow it may suck.

    i think psp is cost £35.

    usamah sharif

  78. 78 usamah sharif


  79. 79 J-CA$$H

    hey thanks pieman, :)

  80. 80 G-MAN

    Dec 9th, 2006 at 2:38 am
    is the gps system gana be voice actviated like will it talk to u???

    DEPENDS if they release a software like that, they probboly will make a normal non voice activated one and a voice actived UMD MAPPING SOFTWARE and also, the camera wont be bad

  81. 81 G-MAN

    also just to say,the camera can record more then 30 seconds, if you record with that chottoshot/quickshot software, its only 30 seconds because u can edit it aswell but if you upgrade to version 3.00 and then go under pictures, you’ll see camera and click it with your camera plugged in and you can capture pictures and videos how long u want and u get to chose the quality, also note that u can turn the camera around so it faces the other way to take someone else’s photo.

  82. 82 G-MAN

    Dec 8th, 2006 at 8:00 am
    Does anyone know when the PSP camera is going to launch in Dubai? Also does anyone know weather the GPS for psp will support india.

    dude chill out obviouslly gps will come out world wide but they probobly will make a umd software disk that supports india,england,pakistan,russia,america and the whole world. i hope they make a software that allows u to see the earth, and if u type in a post code (zip code) it finds it and zooms in on it and u can see it (like google earth)

  83. 83 pieman

    so far i seem to know a lot about this stuff so if u guys have a q just ask :)

  84. 84 pieman

    o yah and spicka u just copied the link i posted like 5-10 posts above

  85. 85 DEADEND


    Do u know if they are going to come out with a higher resolution camera for PSP.

  86. 86 Manuel

    Yes I already own a white PSP and i just recently bought the camera from it. I had to import both from japan. Any one can do it just go to

  87. 87 ME...

    Has anybody here actually put some thought into this. The PSP camera is a fantastic thing. It would be great for taking pictures while you’re out and about and 1.3MP is resolution enough for viewing on the PSP’s screen. I have a 2MP sony ericsson mobile phone (W800i), and when i insert it’s memory card into the PSP to view the photos, they look great. If you’re so keen on taking uber high resolution photos then carry a proper digital camera with you. Anyway, what other bit of kit can you carry in your pocket that can play games, play music, play videos, surf the web, stream location free content, view photos, and now TAKE photos…I’ll tell you – nothing. And video conversations would be great. Instead of calling your friends, head to the nearest WIFI hotspot and see them. And anyway, nobody needs resolution of more than a couple of MP, unless you’re planning on printing your photos really big.

  88. 88 J-Ca$$h

    ME… i agree 100% great point,, hey pieman how much is this camera going for and when is it coming to the U.S

  89. 89 pieman

    its $48 plus s h at the link i posted above but the item expired im guessing it will be $30-40 in the us.

    also i dont know when its coming out in the us but ill post it here if i find out

  90. 90 prince

    whenz it cummin out in canada???i wanted one for soo long now oh n how much is it gonna be in canadian???

  91. 91 twisted3313

    when does the f**king camera come out to the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats all i have been looking for tha past hour or more so somebody tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92 twisted3313

    it 1:20 here not 6:20 the time zones are different

  93. 93 ME...

    thanks very much J-Ca$$h, does anybody here know when the camera will be released in the UK? And how much it will be in £’s?

  94. 94 lilbags

    if ne one ever finds out the release date in the U.S. send a reply

  95. 95 pieman

    i don’t know what it will be in canadian or pounds but the equivilant in US dollars(30-40) is 15.39 -20.52 pounds or $34.65-$46.20 canadian. if u want another conversion go to

  96. 96 adrianmccreath

    Oh damn I just heard about the camera it looks swiz, my freind got one on ebay from japan or somthing it is so freaking sick!!!!!!! Can not wait until it comes out in CANADA!

  97. 97 imaballa

    A TOM TOM GPS cost $500 – $600, a GPS for $50 stop your complaining! Hey the camera is a bonus like a camera on a cellular phone. Its not the main function, just an add-on you wouldn’t have otherwise. Its only $50 bucks, if you want a real camera go out and spend $300 bucks. idiots.

  98. 98 Bloodstain Hurricane

    Ok.. Pieman and G-Man.. This Post is for you guys. I just want to thank you both for giving me the info that I really needed to know about the PSP Camera and The PSP GPS. If you have anymore info just please e-mail it to me. Just e-mail me what you post on here (copy-paste) you know. Oh and if anyone has any cool info or things about the Nintendo Wii, also e-mail me. My e-mail is . Thanks again guys…

    BTW thats my MSN to or on AIM you can get ahold of me at Riansirna. Thanks

    P.S. I will be getting both of these when they come out. LOVES PSWii60 (Playstation3, Wii, X-Box360)


    Gamer Tag Bloodstain Hurricane

  99. 99 PSP lover

    no really whens it coming to wal-mart?

  100. 100 gahjah

    Reading these comments gives me a headache. Learn how to fucking spell! Learn the difference between they’re, there, and their. $50 for a GPS add-on is ridiculously cheap, even if you have to buy the map pack. A Garmin, TomTom, or Magellan sells for between $350 and $800. Save your pennies and stop complaining. 1.3mp is fine for a FIRST GEN camera, especially for a screen that small. That’s all I have to say, thanks.

  101. 101 Vouch

    Free is so much better pricing than the current listed price. Who wants to sign a petition to have these items for free??

  102. 102 markk

    I was a little scepticle obout the psp cam at first but the kyopsis’s made it clear that its perfectly fine, the gps system is absolutly amazing.. im just wondering, if you could use that wireless technology to do other things then mapping, like connect to any internet sattalite like cell phones do (srry for spelling, i know someones BOUND to bitch at me -_-) this was a really nice forum, with lots of decent information from kyopsis, lilbags, pieman, j-ca$$e, and “ME” haha , so yeah im definatly getting the gps and the cam when they come out, well i might wait a while to make sure all the bugs and stuff are out of them.. but yeah. andif anyone has any info on release dates and stuff like that check out my site. and if u have aim .. its MLRPx1x0 (these are my alias accounts )

  103. 103 markk

    oops i meant to say add my e mail at x-plosive…

  104. 104 F*CK WAL-MART

    1.3 MP is over 1 million pixels, right about in between most computer monitors today. Most camera phones are “VGA Camera” meaning 640X480 resolution, so that’s like, idk, .3 MP. However, depending on your memory card size (most of us have upgraded from that shitty 32mb one) I’m sure you could take longer then 15 second videos depending on free space and frame rate and resolution. The GPS will be cool because it’ll work with new games coming out (Portable Ops, anyone?) and “GPSP” just sounds freaking awesome. Methinks the camera will eventually work with games too. Anyone remember Tonk Hawk’s Underground, where you could use the PS2 camera to use your face as the skateboarder’s? That’s what I’m thinking.

    P.S. F*UCK WAL-MART! Does anyone know why Wal-Mart has such low prices? It’s because they force their suppliers to sell them their products at much lower prices that what their selling to the other retailers. That forces the producers to either relocate to China, or file bankruptcy. Rubbermaid and Vlasic have already filed for bankruptcy because of Wal-Mart. (Rubbermaid is plastic/rubber storage bins, Vlasic is pickles. Both were fairly popular brands) Wrangler jeans has just relocated many factories to India. That means YOUR job buddy. The longer this happens, the more people that are going to get laid of or fired as the company relocates to places like China. F*CK Wal-Mart and F*CK what they’re doing to the American Economy. Buy your PSP camera a RadioShack or Best Buy.

  105. 105 1st Comment in 2007

    It’s a good deal I’ll buy it!

  106. 106 U dnt wanna no!!!

    Well its not bad ive bin waitin 4 it 4 a while, but its only 1.3 so my fone is better but it does have gps so meh i dunno! and vga is not 3MP its like 1/2 a MP!

  107. 107 ME....

    Thanks for the comments about my initial post.

    Would just like to ask if anybody knows the release dates for the U.K.??

    It sucks living here as people in the U.S.A. and Asia always get the good stuff before us and i’m usually to afraid of region locking to import stuff. However Sony seems to have taken a shining to the U.K. as there new U.M.P.C. (Ultra-Mobile-Personal-Computer) which is based on the VGN-UX50 is a UK only release!! Its even got Windows Vista loaded on form the beginning and a camera on the back which is…(Sony’s apparent favourite camera resolution)…1.3MP!! Some of you will argue that this is but a webcam but this camera is on the back of the UMPC and theres is a VGA camera for Video conferencing on the front. Now to me this seems that Sony thinks 1.3MP is perfectly fine for a camera which is merely an add-on to an already great device. So to put my point across again 1.3MP is more than enough for a PSP camera, and if you ungrateful people who are bragging “Oh, my camera phone is twice the resolution of that”. Who really cares? Is it not nice to think that Sony are still thinkink about the PSP and saying to themselves “Do you think that PSP owners will appreciate a camera attachment?” Well to answer my imaginary sony development teams question – I do and I thanks sony for still apreciating their PSP owners and not forgetting about them to concentrate on their overpriced PS3.

  108. 108 Mukund

    you guys are pathetic. all u do is say how much sony or nintendo is better than the other. it is fun tho watching u get angry.

  109. 109 Junior

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  110. 110 in dogs we trust

    ne of u geeks no where philip is?
    what about uloob, as in sir uloob thy black

  111. 111 dont know

    Will we need internet conection for the gps on the psp, and when i went to ebgames to check if they sell the camera they started laughing on me and saying it dosent excicte!

  112. 112 G-MAN

    OMG! CAMERA WAS RELEASED 2 MOUNTHS AGO AND NOW IS ON EBAY! it works on any type off psp, u.s,uk, whatever! but it wont work unless u have a 3.00 firmware! ALSO GPS HAS CAME OUT THIS MOUNTH!! only in japan though if you get it imported i doubt they’d be any maps for ur country.

  113. 113 mafla

    i thought it waz going to be like about 500 or 660 for the both things but now i think im going to buy ALL OF THEM HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. 114 PSP INFO GUY

    yo the psp is greate i have one and i’d give it a 10/10 cus not only does it have greate games good movies nice storage space (if u got a big memory stick) and internet, now its getting camera and gps thats sweet!!! i was even on my msn yesterday on my psp, lol easy to use go to and sign in very easy to use, u need network to use thoe. Also easy converting videos on to the psp is no problem go on and download it, sweet. ALSO!!!! U have a bunch of hacks that u can do to the psp like changing the version, downloading games. If u dont have the latest version go to….. . All of the above is easy tasks and fun enjoyments= GOOD have fun cya>>>>>>_

  115. 115 PSP INFO GUy

    The PSP “Chotto Shot” (Quick Shot) Camera will be available on November 2nd, while the GPS receiver will be available for sale on December 7th,

  116. 116 Jonny

    When is the PSP camera out in the UK? I have been waiting for it ever since I bought the PSP in May 2006, oh and the GPS looks cheap, I’ll get that too.

  117. 117 pieman

    just so peole know, psp info guy means japanese release dates in 2006

  118. 118 pieman


  119. 119 penetrador

    everybody I’m the president’s son and I have my psp ok @ for the world

  120. 120 Jonny

    Are you really his son? The son of George Bush?

  121. 121 penetrador

    oh no .you look I hate that mother fucker .
    I’M talking about the president of dominican republic

  122. 122 firl021,allied sniper,firl21

    the reason sony does map packs is that the earth in good quality is larger than 10 gigs or something like that. in fsx europa tech was used for the us portion and that and europ took up disc one so a umd is the only logical way to put google quality maps on a psp system with gps

  123. 123 Jonny

    How much will these UMD “map packs” cost? And what if a new road is built? Are there updates? And also WHEN IS THAT CAMERA OUT IN THE UK? Does nobody here like UK? And hey Mr president’s son of dominoes something.

  124. 124 sexy_girl

    Anybody knows when the gps will be released in US? If I bought one from Japan will it have US maps? Do I have to pay for any subscription?

  125. 125 Jonny

    Hey sexy_girl, is the camera out in the US? and if you bought GPS from Japan it probably wouldn’t come with any maps let alone US maps, you have to buy map pack UMDs. Subscription for what? And when is that camera out in the UK?

  126. 126 pieman

    Jonny, stop asking Qs. NOBODY KNOWS WHEN IT COMES OUT IN UK, OR US, OR ANYWHERE BUT JAPAN. if anyone found out, they would post it.

  127. 127 PSP INFO GUY

    I agree. The dates i told u guys about are in japan, yes i ****ed up lol sry. Damn reviews lie, lie, lie!!!

  128. 128 PSP INFO GUY

    sry bout that

  129. 129 Jonny

    I thought someone said early 2007 :(. Stupid Japanese, always keep things to themselves, I’m Chinese btw.

  130. 130 sexy_girl

    What is a UMD packs? So if I bought the UMD pack, then I’m good to go right?

  131. 131 peanut

    mmmmm…… shinnnnnnnnyyyyyy….

  132. 132 jc

    1.3mgp sucks and 15 seconds comon my phone gets 150 seconds the camera is useless

  133. 133 bear

    nice i hope ull be able too play psp games and stuff with the cmaera soo u can see them around the world

  134. 134 freakna

    Well.. 1.3 shrug, my cell phone does have better but other then that. Its still a great idea. I use my psp for pics, cell phone>second emial>psp>photoprinter. Now the gps.. Oh yes, that’s what I want. I’m always mobile. Look at my hipalbum, you’ll notice that’s traveling and being on the move is just fact of life. Hell I traided my laptop for psp and sk, I love technoligy! And my psp and sk.. But yep.. Defently need the gps. I’m also gona buy a new psp from japan. Have you guys check out there sites. So much better stuff. You just need a japanese psp. They even come in multi colors. I’m just gona get my gps from japan. Like everything. Its faster that way.

  135. 135 SERGE

    wen u update your psp to 3.10 wat the hell is dynamic normalizer????

  136. 136 SERGE

    in dogs we trust is retardet

  137. 137 sunny

    i got this mag and it said its gana come out in tha fall

  138. 138 Eric paker

    dude im in the U.S i need thiz camera when iz it coming out in new york

  139. 139 Alex

    Yeah what is dynamic nomalizer?

  140. 140 Colts Fan!!!!

    Yeah what is dynamic normalizer? Help me please!!

  141. 141 sunny

    its a volume limiter/compensator. on movies it will help create a consistent volume level. from what i heard

  142. 142 Trinity

    When are they going nto have them here

  143. 143 psp made

    when will the camera come out in the uk im 13 and have been waiting for this sice the psp came out its brillaint u can go on webcam on e messanger on it get fimeware upgrade 3;10adn it will record for about 1 or 2 mins this is quit amiazing given the size yea cant wait for it :-)


  144. 144 tim

    hi i think these are going to be great for people that cant afford the 2-300 dollar cameras but i have one any way but the gps it better on the psp than on a cell phone i think the gps will be a lot better than the camera though so ya thanks

  145. 145 Jonny

    Fall = autumn?

  146. 146 matt

    so when u guys say that the map packs will be sold seperatly that meen that they will be sold by the content?

  147. 147 wierdo

    i need dates wen is it cumin out in UK and is it good or bad?

  148. 148 jimmy

    yeh wen will it come out it the UK, is it good and how much is $43 in pounds(£)

  149. 149 bobster

    when will the camera come out in america cuz i have been waiting for this thing since the psp came out.

  150. 150 theman

    guess im gonna order one of the cameras off ebay in a few days…its almost 60bucks after shipping.
    thanks for the info that some of you guys put up…it has led me to believe that the camera is well worth it..i was skepticle at first…but now that i know it “will” work on U.S. systems and it “will” record video for longer than 30sec…and it spins around…thats just to kick ass.
    after i recieve it, i’ll let everyone know how things turn out.
    thanx again

  151. 151 sunny

    i just ordered tha camera from japan i think it was over there somewhere but anyways it works great with my psp and i have had no problems with it

  152. 152 Jonny

    $43 is about £23 but the UK are bound to sell it for a bit more, I say it will be about £25-£30. I just bought a digital camera (not psp camera) and I’m not sure if I will get the PSP camera anymore, I mean it’s just a camera, which is barely any good, 15 second movies is f***ing terrible.

  153. 153 RPG


  154. 154 RPG

    When is it coming to wal-mart?????

  155. 155 Half of you are Idiots

    Can half of you not read, do you not read posts or even the article befroe submitting questions, you drive me insane asking the same questions over and over again, there are no release dates for the rest of the world so stop asking, then you have the little bitches complaining about spelling and whatever else they can to make them selves feel superior, then some idiot asks about dynamic normalizer, what the hell has that got to do with either the camera or GPS. Not to mention the freaks that post the same crap over and over agin, in regards to when wal-mart will have it, who gives a F&*Ki am sure they will have it the same time the rest of the stores in the US have it so get over it. to those that complain that their phone has better resolution, don’t buy one and use your phone instead.

  156. 156 Aso

    Is this psp cam really out in the US? if yes, where can i get it?

  157. 157 TONTON111

    The software is free for the gps at…

    Its 30 MB and can be updated but you have to have the 30 MB one first.

  158. 158 CUS

    when does it come in stores

  159. 159 Core

    Ya the GPS does look dope. I recently just put in a base in my care to set my PSP in for music… The GPS makes that so much more worth while. Homebrew a TomTom application or somthing…. Golden baby.

  160. 160 Core


  161. 161 Magical Pirate

    This is going to be freakin sweet i dont no wy people are being complete dorkuses

    p.s. psp lover ur feakin hilarious

  162. 162 federico

    I want to know the psp camera resolution, but I do not like the design. it only looks forward

  163. 163 danSP

    the res is 640 ay like 80 0 and da camera spins

  164. 164 Ouda

    You need map packs for the GPS….gay….they should just have you use the WiFi to download them. Way better idea, but sony needs to make their money…sluts…

  165. 165 Chris

    When is it comming out????? AND where. I want one so effing badd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. 166 danSP

    I’m not sure if im right but i think u can get the camera march 22nd and the gps in the fall

  167. 167 braineack

    THIS is absolutly brlliant…..u guys should get a madal of honor…its great…im only 12 but this camera is so kool…u dont have to go through the truble of downloading pics onto ur PSP….YAY!!!!!!!!

  168. 168 sunny

    just get it from ebay if u want it so bad(the camera) it works fine

  169. 169 tra la

    I don’t think it’s coming out on march 22nd. the psp camera will problably come out next fall but I think the design is great only that it is 1.3 Megapixels. but maybe they’ll make new psp cameras with better resolution. I’m not sur but can someone tell when it IS coming out?????

  170. 170 hurdler

    This is a really cool idea but 1.3 mega pixel!!!?!?!? thats horrible. My cellphone has better and this is an add on…

  171. 171 tra la

    Da gps is way more better because it’s portable and you can find your way out of places when you are lost. I would reccommend the GPS.

  172. 172 Xtra-P

    The GPS is CRAZZZY! I just hope its as good as the ones that are out now. The cam., im not so sure about. Sony? whats with the low mega pixels? GPS, Im their! OUT.

  173. 173 David

    I got mine of e-bay for £25

  174. 174 luv_it

    ahhh how gud is that latest update?! what does it let u do ppl? omg i need 2 get that camera so what if it’s only 1.3 megapixels or whatever they will probably bring out a better 1 soon :):)!!!!

  175. 175 tra la

    Hey! dats what I said!!

  176. 176 luv_it

    (tra la) – oh sorry!!!! i agree with you then! ummm do u know about the update thing, is it good? bye:):)

  177. 177 tra la

    Hey Luv it the update lets you have the camera but if you don’t have then that is too bad. Do you jave the update 3.11?

  178. 178 tra la

    AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!! Can someone pleae friekin’ tell me when they are going to come out because if not I am going to explode

  179. 179 tra la


  180. 180 mymonkeysghost

    the psp cam is out of stock at my local wallfart store i have seen the tag for it on the shelf its like 30 bucks im getten it soon from bestbuy if they have it

  181. 181 tra la

    so do you know whn its coming out in stores?

  182. 182 bassking511

    well regardless or the quality..i can see people beginning to use the camera to get bootleg copies of movies{record it at the theater}since it may be wide, but its slim and portable—its black and can be held against ur chest, belly, etc= and according to a previous post,a bigger memory stick(1g or more) should be enuf 4 a movie

    also..if u guys look at the pic..the camera lens rotates so u can haveit face the other way

  183. 183 Veton

    It would be good if the Gps is smaller so maybe if they add some type of tracking system in it people wouldnt break it

  184. 184 Tra la

    What are you talking about the GPS is small. Haven’t you already seen it? Duh.

  185. 185 danSP

    Where do u live that u already see the camera on shelves for sale. I’m doin so much research and i’m pretty sure it is out, but when i went on target and they both didn’t have it any wehre on their sites. Help me out!!!

  186. 186 pspattick

    camera is cool

  187. 187 a.s.h.

    i just thought i’d say, the mic. exists and comes with talkman ~ the translator software. also msn is available ~ though not conventional msn but the simplyfied msn mobile.

  188. 188 kim

    They recently came out with a psp printe, but so far only released in Canada

  189. 189 tra la

    Oh I know where they sell the psp camera and da gps!

  190. 190 tra la

    They sell it at… bduwh bfoiuhdfoihn

  191. 191 tra la


  192. 192 Ztuner

    Hey tra la …shut the fuck up …fag

  193. 193 tra la

    Hey Ztuner go fuck yourself asshole

  194. 194 tra la

    Hey Ztuner do you think I really give a damn shit about you? Son of a Bitch

  195. 195 Ztuner

    Are you in 5th grade or something? your not funny dude …and i dont need to fuck myself thats what women are for, you should try it sometime ..oh i forgot gay. Go play with your little dick or something you idiot.

  196. 196 tra la

    Bitch please like if you could get women

  197. 197 YAY

    I like the psp camera it’s cool!

  198. 198 tra la

    Ztuner just shut up and end this conversation cause I dont really care and anyways I wasnt talking to you so mind your own business

  199. 199 tra la


  200. 200 max BeOtCh

    sweet. psp fucking owns!!! ds sucks balls!!! the camera could be better though 1.3 mp … what trash. but the gps will be great

  201. 201 kirk jonson

    will u be able to transfer the vids and pics from the psp to computer and put them on windows movie maker??

  202. 202 tra la


  203. 203 G

    A GPS jól jönne itt is…

  204. 204 b-soldier

    would you know if how much this will be in england

  205. 205 BRING IT TO THR US

    I am tired of waiting. Bring this shit to the US already.

  206. 206 jack

    how much will it cost and can you use it when it is not pluged in to the psp

  207. 207 jack

    bring it to the uk when is it out

  208. 208 jeff

    hey I was wondering if you could point the camera to the opposite direction because I only see it in pointing towards us

  209. 209 Gaz Man

    It looks fairly cool – but it might be better to just go out a buy a real camera or GPS.
    1.3 Mega pixel is pretty poor for 2007. Are sony trying to repackage some junk camera components that they cant sell anymore…

    I think i will stick to my old camera until i see what the advantages really are. The GPS and large screen might be good for introducing people to Geocaching if the software is up to scratch….

    It is excellent to have the option of hardware add ons though….

  210. 210 Rocka

    The gps looks pretty cool but does that mean you have the ability to play online anywhere?! that would be awsome! The camera looks ok. 1.3 megapixels is pretty pathetic though. I mean come on!!! Sony can create some giant ten pound gaming console but they cant make a camera wit more than 1.5 megapixels

  211. 211 Rocka


  212. 212 Edwin

    WHRE DO THE F####ING SELL PSP CAMERA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. 213 Edwin

    WHERE DO THEY F###ING SELL PSP CAMERA THIS WEBSITE DOESN’T EVEN MEAN ANYTHING FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK YOU FUCKING HORES FUCK BITCH FUCK YOU BITCH FUCK YOU BITCH FUCK YOU BITCH FUCK YOU 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  214. 214 Edwin


  215. 215 halohaxr

    what else are they guna do?!?! put wheels on it and call it a car? lol… its all ready a super computer, game station, ipod, dvd player, cell phone, text messenger, camera, a video camera, (with mods) a video messenger, and a GPS system slapped into one thing. What area they guna put on next? but psp are awesome enough.

  216. 216 taneisha

    hey newayz i am here 2 ask tha same ”?” where can we find tha psp cameras? and 4 that person that wuz saying all that stuff i guess that extra dumb name EDWIN HA!HA!

  217. 217 Jman

    PSP camera coming out on the 16th of May 2007. No price confirmed yet.

  218. 218 FatesWebb

    I have the gps unit, and you can get free software for it but you have to have a hacked PSP, and if you havent hacked your psp yet then you are missing out… Also dont upgrade DOWNGRADE…… then load custom firmware TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DEVICE!

  219. 219 Man this hurts

    I check and they say the release date is may 16th 2007 i call all the stores and everyone talks to me rudely like im stupid especially eb games they actually laughed at me behind the phone so i went there and i told them my mind then i pushed a couple of games down and ran they were like hey hey come back hear i was like.. wheres the psp camera and drove off lmfao t story.

  220. 220 donut

    everone is complaining about buying map packages for the gps but if you bought a regluar gps you usaly have to buy map packages anyways and if you dont have to buy map pagages then the maps are not going to be very detailed, there just goin to show some major roads and highways buying map pacakages seperalty means your goin to get much more deatailed maps

  221. 221 Jah

    does the gps talk?, like give direction, cause looking at the psp while driving isnt a good idea

  222. 222 tra la

    I know the exact date when its coming out…

  223. 223 moooooooose

    oh yea, tra la, when is that?

  224. 224 Nigger

    what if psp were a cell phone!!

  225. 225 Brendon Ray

    What when PSP camera coming in North America?? I lived in North America!!

  226. 226 jack

    hey any hot girls add me!

  227. 227 homeboy

    men wat da fuck any 1 here know where the fuckkkkkkkk they sell those fuckin camaras for the psp in north america

  228. 228 homeboy

    fuck you i like fukin coursing on this fukin comments men
    fuck.fuck,fuck,and fuck does any1 found out whee they sell thme dam camaras

  229. 229 homeboy

    Jack u bitch y dont u add me am hot lol

    ok guys just jokin lollllllll

  230. 230 tra la

    haha u guys hav no idea when its coming out

  231. 231 knky_peeches

    ok, im getting the psp camera through ebay. (regardless of how shitty the camera is. i can at least say i have it, and im content with that)
    i have seen though, that the camera language is in japanese.
    i have also read that u can change the language to english.
    does anybody know what program or software to use to do this change??

    and does anyone know if theyre coming out with larger memory sticks? (like maybe 8 G, perhaps? that’d be real useful)

  232. 232 stikdude

    yo im15 & wtf r those #’s mean about mp and the other things

    P.S. i used a psp 2 type this

  233. 233 brainiac

    you guys I saw the camera for sale in a store near me in germany !!!!!!!!

  234. 234 PSP REVIEWER

    PSP LIKE IPOD, SONY OR APPLE OMFG so LAME when business kicks in. Make a great tool or gadget you love to use cramm all this stuff in to it plus updates for it and mp4, i tools stuff like that similar right?

    somewhat yea an also the peripherals are made to make money like this first generation camera cough slash GPS, try using GPS while in your car an you dont have a signal to catch

    or a open router with a free wireless connection thats not encrypted while moving in your car ask me how the hell

    will you use that damn GPS? anyone Im better off with a Compass an a smart phone like Blackberry or any PDA, Cough Iphone too.

    Wierd the over pricing going on for month an months wait till the next generation comeout

    Camera pixels 1.3 webcam blah if im home then ill use my PC its better an faster

    WIFI an networks are not yet perfect an not all free for travel. SOON MAYBE but not now . Spend your money on something that youll use maybe once when you first try it an see that you can’t use it as often as you thought you would be able too.

    Well… if u have money to spend an go buy just to say you have it, then do you.

    But if your like me an look at certain site like pricegrabber an wait a while for better things to comeout for a reasonable price then your better off just waiting for a better one

    and get that one b/c when you have that one the person who bought the first generation will copy you.

  235. 235 wilson

    i have that but when i was in japan it was like 10 to 15

  236. 236 R()CKST@R

    UR BOY
    D R()CKST@R

  237. 237 DarcPSP

    Dude R()CKSTAR and me via aim (zackhiahk11) or msn ( kk
    PSP camera pwns cant wait to get one on ebay ;)

  238. 238 ricky

    u can record more than 15 sec of video and gps is jus retarted
    used my psp to type this

  239. 239 marty

    wats megapixels and 1.3 and all that shit you guys talkin about

  240. 240 buzz

    fuck you ass hole marty you just jealous you don got no psp fucker

  241. 241 mickey

    its a good enogh camera for psp.1.3 mp is ok cuz on my sony 7 mp camera i made a 6-8 second movie it took over 80 mb from my momory its good enough

  242. 242 melviousb

    look the psp camera is good as i have had one for at least 4 monthes now from japan the quality is ok indoors but outside in the daylight it is superb(for a 1.3mp camera. the camera rotates 190 degrees and auto flips as it goes between looking towards you or facing away, you can record videos add effects to pictures it records sound plus its chrome which is good if you have a chrome psp like me

  243. 243 melviousb

    plus i have recorded over 90 seconds of video on a two gig card on the highest resolution and theres still a shed load of room left it may not be everyones cup of tea but it IS GOOD i bought it off ebay for about 40 english pounds

  244. 244 just me

    hell 1.3 meg is good enough for me, shoot its better than the peace of crap i got on my cell fone.

  245. 245 wissam gharbia

    which version download for gps version in the psp and when date version download

  246. 246 jc2k

    The PSP cam can be found on eBay, I bought mine from Hong Kong, for $24 $25 shipping.

    It came with a UMD that was in japanese (or something) but that software is only for editing the images and videos on the PSP. YOU DO NOT NEED THE UMD to use the camera! The default OS includes camera settings.

    I love mine. Gonna get another one as a back up.

    When will they be sold in the US – Why the delay???!!??

  247. 247 michael

    the psp camera will be awesome. i hope it will only be the 43 dollars that was promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. 248 Eric

    I am Sick and Fuckin Tired of hearing about how the japanese are getting all this cool stuff for the psp Cameras, GPS and whatever the fuck else… and Nothing In the U.S What Is The Problem can anyone explain

  249. 249 stikdude

    is any one going 2 awnser my Q stated above?

  250. 250 (whocares)

    what i understand is that the reason that the japanese/koreans get the good stuff is that there market is more open to change. ever seen a japanese cellphone they are 100x better talk text, vid chat stuff like that we here are just starting to get that stuff they had for years and years. here they have to test this and that do more market research then research that research… get the ok from this agency then go to that agency to make sure they are not fluffing on this companies or that companies copyrigths/ patiants/ tradmarks bla bla bla etc.. just to get something on the shelves. also they have to pay this company or that to even put this or that product on their shelves. also in my opinion the japanese companies see us as a way to get rid of there old out of date tecnology.

  251. 251 Non oF Yo BuisneSS

    i visited japan last summer and looked at the gps thing and the camera, the camera was like 4200 yen, the gps thing was like 3600, and they also had a mic for sale and a language learning program that goes with it, i just wanted to know if the camera would work with a U.S. psp cause im going this spring.

  252. 252 cool=man

    i still gettin it

  253. 253 cool=man

    alrigh can’t wait for gps camera sucks tough

  254. 254 fuegobravo

    is the camera gonna work with the original psp cuz ppl can make phone calls on there psp slims nd i cant which sucks whats is sony gonna do for there loyal customers who went out nd got the original psp wen no one else wanted them we should get the camera nd gps for free thats how i feel i refuse to buy another psp just to make phone calls when they should of made that program for the 1st psp

    camera for 42 not bad gps is sweet ill get it if i can use it wit my psp

  255. 255 THE BIG COCK


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