Star Fox getting good reviews

As we know, today Star Fox Command was released, and so far has been getting decent reviews. Both IGN and 1up have posted reviews. Here is an interesting part of 1up’s review…

The last truly great Star Fox experience was Star Fox 64, a straight-up space shooter with only a few well-executed ground missions. Yet this recent streak of quirks continues in Star Fox Command, a game that mixes the franchise’s traditional arcade combat with, of all things, turn-based strategy. What’s even stranger? It somehow kinda works.

This is great news to hear, considering the last Star Fox games did not do as well. Check out 1up’s review here and IGN’s here.

[via IGN, 1up]

3 Responses to “Star Fox getting good reviews”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Errm… Good to hear, but is this front page worthy?

    Well, I am getting it anyways :)

  2. 2 Dasme

    Letting people know that a much anticipated game is out and actually very good, well.. yeah that’s front page worthy :)

  3. 3 Mitchyd

    I suppose ;)

    But I mean, it’s Star Fox, COME ON! :D

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