New exploit – doesn’t require GTA


Homebrewers can finally play homebrew on their 2.00+ PSPs—without GTA. After the discovery of the TIFF vulnerability by NOPx86, a team of homebrew developers including psp250, Skylark, Joek2100, CSwindle, JimP and Fanjita banned together to create a “Hello World” application. The exploit can be run on 2.00+ firmwares and developing an eLoader type application shouldn’t be too hard for 2.00-2.60 firmwares. However, 2.70+ will be more difficult because of the added security measures. Kernel mode is not available on 2.80 unfortunately.


8 Responses to “New exploit – doesn’t require GTA”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    What does this mean for me, with 2.8?

  2. 2 dicer999

    Yeah, it says at the bottom right of that picture “2.8”. I tried it on my 2.8 psp and it just froze, then turned itself off!

  3. 3 bk

    I have heard of Kernels before but I dont really understand them, what do they mean in this case?

  4. 4 HARDcorGamerxXx

    this verson can’t but go to and get it there then it will.

  5. 5 dicer999

    WOOOOOO I got it to work! hahaha im soo happy, be back in ten minites, im going to run around my house naked!!!!

  6. 6 Dicer999

    I dont know why i was so exited……..

  7. 7 Archive555

    I’m running 2.81 and i cant get any homebrew to work on it, i’d even be happy playing a black-and-white version of tetris! i am so pissed at sony for saying that, and i quote:
    “Firmware 2.81 has ‘Obvious Benefits'”.
    The only difference i can see is the background moves a little slower, and it takes longer to load everything! Somebody please help me to get Homebrew working, Or a link to a downgrader that wont fill my PC with spam!

  8. 8 man

    i have firmware 3.03 how do i get homebrew without gta and if i cant are there any other games that dont have a patch in it or will work with with getting homebrew on my psp

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