Feast your eyes on the latest trailer of Fireteam Bravo 2! Judging from the trailer, the character animations are much smoother and the textures look much more detailed. If your a SOCOM nut like I am, this is a game to look out for in November.

[via PSP Fanboy]

5 Responses to “SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 trailer!”

  1. 1 britblogger

    This certainly does like gorgeous… can’t wait!

  2. 2 Matthew.Ritchie

    everyone, this is aproximatly 5 months old, I downloaded this from the official sony website on my psp and my pc, so just to let you all know, this is old news, and has been around for a long time. I must admit though, the explosions and images look pretty damned sweet.

  3. 3 Mitchyd

    Mother of god… Think I saw that at E3, but it’s good to see again. I can’t wait 3 months :(

  4. 4 dicer999

    i was shure i saw that somewhere….. Hope that throw in a crosstalk thing and a ves Version of SOCOM ps2/ps3 to go with it

  5. 5 SOLID_SNAKE18

    OMFG!!! looks sick can’t wait to buy it!!!!


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