Game releases for the week of August 14th

Super Monkey BallEven with us relaxing due to summer being in full swing, your friendly neighbourhood game devs have been busy. This week sees a couple PSP games and a trio of DS games to help cure the summer dull-drums. Don’t let the lack of A-list games bring you down, get out there and enjoy the summer, preferably with a portable game in your hands.

  • Deep Labyrinth (DS)
  • Freedom Wings (DS)
  • Konductra (DS)
  • Payout Poker & Casino (PSP)
  • Super Monkey Ball Adventure (PSP)

1 Response to “Game releases for the week of August 14th”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    My god! He lives! Good to see you on PGR again, and thanks Das.

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