Analyst say PSP price cut soon

PSPAccording to P.J.McNealy of American Technology Research we can expect a price cut for the PSP sometime during the holiday season. Apparently, Sony is stockpiling finished gaming hardware which is believed to be PSPs. Although hardware sales have been pretty solid with 20 million units sold shipped, the DS is still on top with 21 million units sold, a slim lead. However, hardware sales don’t tell the whole story. The DS has been stomping the PSP in terms of software sales with new games such as Brain Age and Nintendogs that appeal to a wider audience. A $50 price cut (bringing the price down to $150) combined with the future firmware update that will allow downloadable PSOne and a GPS receiver could give Sony the edge it needs to overtake Nintendo in the portable gaming war.

Thanks to murder1 for pointing out that the PSP has only shipped 20 million and not sold that many. Mea cupla.


12 Responses to “Analyst say PSP price cut soon”

  1. 1 murder1

    Sorry to correct you but you have a small mistake in the story. The psp had shipped 20 million units not sold 20 million. It can be a big difference. I would like to see 20 million sold but it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. 2 Mitchyd

    Yeah but with that info, they are saying the PSP has only sold like 13 million total… I don’t believe there are 7 million unsold, shipped PSP’s…..

    (13 was a number I read somewhere, QJ I think)

  3. 3 fredsst

    This site used to be the best, now it is shit.

  4. 4 Superman

    Hey fredsst, if you don’t like the site, don’t go to it. Simple.

  5. 5 Mitchyd

    Yeah. I love it more than ever. :)

  6. 6 ZephyrWest


    Despite what some of you may think, I’m only human (gasp) and I make mistakes from time to time. If you can’t handle that, than leave.

  7. 7 Mitchyd

    Told, bitches.

    It’s not a big deal, yo!

  8. 8 fredsst

    I welcome a comment in the forum why the site is behind on news and commentary, when it used to be the leader, thats all.

  9. 9 ZephyrWest

    There used to be another person who posted news besides myself but he has left PGR. Keeping up with everything single little thing that goes on in the PSP world is too much for one person. Also keep in mind that I don’t get payed for doing this.

  10. 10 Mitchyd

    And you want stories to stay up for some time. You don’t want to update every 10 minutes. People would never see the stories, then what’s the point?


  11. 11 DOX

    this website states that there will not be a psp price cut but I still hope that u are right can u look in to it?

  12. 12 DOX

    dued I sugest u ick one of your senior members and make him or her a member of the staf so they can help u out with news dude but u are doing grate job man. and by the way dude I dont think that they where baging on u u know is just that this been a comunity if there is something that might be a bit then we will work together to get the right info out there thats all man. once more good JOB

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