PSP battery for $4 at Kmart

PSP BatteryEverybody run over to Kmart and grab a battery quick! That’s right, Kmart is selling 1800mAh battery packs for a measely $4. This is perfect for those who find their PSP battery drained after that four hour SOCOM frag fest or those who travel around a lot and could use a good spare. There’s also a car adapter for $3 for those who are in the market for one of those.

I went to my local Kmart today, but unfortunately they were all sold out. Better get there sooner than later if you want one of these puppies.

[via Cheap Ass Gamer]

14 Responses to “PSP battery for $4 at Kmart”

  1. 1 K2theN

    I’m there dude.

  2. 2 Foxx

    Um why are they selling for that much o.o?

  3. 3 Um No...

    Sony PSP Battery Pak

    Item No. 128576

    Kmart: $39.99

    Extra Battery Pack for Sony PSP – double your playing time with this extra battery pack.

    More Information

  4. 4 DOX`

    Hey I wonder where they got this infon from. thats cool that the webmasters and reporters look at peoples posting and put them up on the site that is very cool and I feal honor. even do I got it from another website

  5. 5 ZephyrWest

    @Um No…

    It’s not an online deal bud, in store only. I went to Kmart yesterday and I can assure that it is being sold for $4. Whether or not you can find one is a whole different matter.

  6. 6 Dr.Hookems

    They sell PSP stuff at K mart?

  7. 7 David

    Ya man they do

  8. 8 GOT IT!

    Oh, Yeah! PSP battery 4$

  9. 9 GOT IT!

    I bought 2! Great Deal! Got fast-charger for $20. That’s $28 for about $115 worth of goodies!

  10. 10 wilson

    Is this real? I need one. Mine stopped working of nothing… Tell me how i do my shop here…

  11. 11 psp freak

    are you serious is it still going on????

  12. 12 Supah

    Is it still going plz reply!

  13. 13 Justin

    Guys, this was published 2 years ago. Doubt it may still be going on.

  14. 14 OSCAR


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