Zone of Enders coming to PSP

Zone of Enders for PS2

Another one of Kojima Productions’ games might be making its way to a PSP near you. According to Jeux-France, Dengeki Magazine has the first scoop on a Zone of Enders game for PSP. If you haven’t played it for PS2, you’ve been missing out. Zone of Enders is probably one of the best mech games I’ve ever played. It has beautiful graphics and futuristic mechs that can only be described as “badass.” Who doesn’t like giant robots duking it out? Stay tuned to PGR for more news as more details are dropped.

[via PSP Fanboy]

5 Responses to “Zone of Enders coming to PSP”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    I literally gasped like a little girl, just now. Hell yeah.

  2. 2 Zed

    I always thought ZOE was “mecha lite”; all gloss and hairspray and no substance. Play Armored Core, J-Phoenix, Tekki, Gigantic Drive or Tetsujin 28GO for real mecha.

    Still it was a diverting game, and probably good news. But is this a port or a new game?

  3. 3 Britblogger

    just pissed in my pants


    the PS2 version blew me away – the visuals and gameplay were delicious, the pace ultra quick.

  4. 4 Brian

    oh hell yeah PLEASE drop a ZOE game on the psp. This would b even cooler if it’s an all new game!

  5. 5 3Demons


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