Devhook updated to v0.43

[Update: a couple hours after this story was posted version .44 was released featuring 2.71 emulation]

Yours and my favorite hombrew application has just recieved a major update. The biggest and most important new feature is the Firmware 2.6 reboot more. What this means is that all your firmware 1.5 users can now use Devhook to reboot into 2.6, allowing you to run newer game UMDs. This is HUGE news for all us homebrew fans, the days of using homebrew AND being able to play your newer UMD games is finally here.

Changelog from

  • FW2.60 reboot supported (A part of the installer is not supported yet).
  • It is now possible for users to specify the load address for rebooting.
  • UMD read callback changed from 1 sector to multiple sectors.
  • The return value of dhGetVersion() changed from 0×00420002 to 0×00430000.
  • Now DevHook will be started when starting the launcher.
  • Launcher modified, 0.42b/0.43 new settings, menu construction, display layout.
  • Plain20.prx and plain25.prx now unified into plain2x.prx.
  • Append to stack when performing flashEMU.
  • Added a shortcut key for exiting DevHook when rebooted.
  • Fixed a bug in v0.42b that you cannot set the clock.

1 Response to “Devhook updated to v0.43”

  1. 1 damien

    thank you for dev 043

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