Devhook updated again!

Just hours from my last post on Devhook, Booster has released a new rev of Devhook featuring… get this… Firmware 2.71 emulation!! Now there isn’t a game UMD that you cannot play on your 1.5 PSP. Enjoy it folks, looks like the ball is in Sony’s court now.. you can expect a new Sony firmware shortly that breaks this I can imagine.

Check it out and download version 0.44 from Congrats to Booster, you’ve done the impossible.

Now am I the only one kicking himself for updating to 2.71? gah!


8 Responses to “Devhook updated again!”

  1. 1 HARDcorGamerxXx

    No I am kicking myself too. Ha! mail me

  2. 2 Quigles

    SCE Most wanted LIST

    2.Epsilion Bios Undiluted Platinium Team
    3.Devhook “booster”

    What happens if they are wanted for like $100000 by FBI for cyber gaming crimes?

    Be COOL, Be FREE. Say NO to PIRATES!

  3. 3 pspdude

    I’m kicking myself too and the worst part is that I had just bought a second PSP and the firmware was 2.6. And even though I heard that the downgrader was released I still updated so now I guess I’m screwed. Hopefully a 2.7 downgrader will come out soon.

  4. 4 Skillz

    To all the people in the psp world and thanks to all my hackers mainly booster from dev hooks helping me out now i got both my psps running 1.5 with all the emulators and roms plus i got those isos i still need to get tekken this week remember the name i got that work.

  5. 5 Skillz

    I cant wait till they fix the N64 Emulator and i hope they get The Full Mame emulator to work but for now im liking the new Capcom CPS1 Emulator. I was playing Street Fighter Hyper Fighting. It works perfect just maybe they need better sound on it.

  6. 6 coolguy

    hey when is devhook coming out to emulate 2.80 because the new update is already out

  7. 7 mrcool

    when is devhook to emulate 2.8 coming out as the update is already out

  8. 8 tommie

    hi cn any 1 tell me wer i can download devhook and how i download it please ?

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