New PSP sized web comic launches

bLaugh, a new web comic has just exploded on to the scene. What makes this one different, and relevant to my readers, is that it’s perfectly sized for your PSP screen! Brought to you by Chris Pirillo (Geek Extraordinaire) and Brad Fitzpatrick (artiste tres magnificant!), bLaugh exists to parody the blogosphere and it’s self-proclaimed royalty. Check it out!

Oh while you are at it Chris has relaunched his tag aggragator site,, as TagJag. So be sure to check that out for all your social tagging and searching needs.

2 Responses to “New PSP sized web comic launches”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Nice… Something neat if you get Blogosphere, I guess. I don’t… So I guess I need to start checking out whatever the hell it is.

  2. 2 Dunsany

    An esoteric medium for an esoteric device about an esoteric subject. I don’t know if “exploded onto the scene” is the right word to use.

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