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It’s out there folks! 2.80 is out in the wild for PSP users to reap the benefits. As usual, the update is available through the network update function built into the PSP before it is available for download on the update website. New features include: You can now download video and image content under [RSS […]

Zone of Enders coming to PSP

Another one of Kojima Productions’ games might be making its way to a PSP near you. According to Jeux-France, Dengeki Magazine has the first scoop on a Zone of Enders game for PSP. If you haven’t played it for PS2, you’ve been missing out. Zone of Enders is probably one of the best mech games […]

Game releases for the week of July 23

Only one game this week but its a good one. Tekken: Dark Resurrection is set to be released tommorrow. Early reviews from GameSpot and IGN indicate that Tekken is one of the best games out there for the PSP. If you’ve been waiting for a good PSP game to spend your hard earned cash, this […]

Coming to the UK on July 28th is a pretty sweet thigh slapping gift courtesy of Sony – wifi media kiosks allowing PSP owners (2.71 firmware needed, unless you’re running DevHook to emulate the latest firmware) to download wirelessly, game demos, movie trailers, wallpapers, music videos and MP3s. Make your next mouse click is this […]

New PSP firmware update next Thursday?

A bunch of PSP news was announced at Comic-Con 2006. Including the first hint of a new PSP firmware upgrade. According to IGN, a firmware update will be released next Thursday that will enable RSS video feed support. Currently audio feeds are only supported. The new update will also be accompanied by a demo for […]

Take to the streets and live the life of a gangster. In Gangs of London, you’ll team up with one of several gangs and attempt to take over the city. Gangs of London is slated for release in Q4 2006 but if you hurry, you can receive a free demo of the game. All you […]

Spider-Man 3 media for your PSP

Sony Pictures has released some Spider-Man 3 goodies for your PSP. More specifically, a PSP formatted teaser trailer and wallpaper of the movie. Unfortunately, Mac users are left in the dark again because Sony made both downloads as Windows only executable files. Apparently Sony thinks PSP users are too dumb to know how to copy […]

DS:Life Episode #001

We welcome you to the first episode of the DS:Life podcast. The Button Mashers Network and Nerdblurb have joined forces to bring you everything that is Nintendo DS. You asked for it, and now you have it. We hope you enjoy listening to the first in what is sure to be a long running podcast […]

LocoRoco cuteness invades train station

I must say, this is one of Sony’s better ad campeigns. Their last advertisement wasn’t exactly been well received. Surely the cute and cuddly benign LocoRoco characters are not carrying out their advertising crusade with malevolent intentions?

Lumines II soundtrack released

Back in the early days of the PSP there was one game that stood out from the pack. The game was hailed as one of the best puzzle games ever made since the advent of Tetris. And with its psychedelic visuals and signature soundtrack, it won several awards for its brilliance. Of coarse, a game […]

Game releases for the week of July 16

It’s a new week and that means new games—finally. After two whole weeks of absolutely no new games to play, four new titles are slated to quench the thirst of PSP gamers. There’s a pretty good variety this week too. First there’s NCAA Football for those college football fans and then there’s Miami Vice: The […]

Devhook updated again!

Just hours from my last post on Devhook, Booster has released a new rev of Devhook featuring… get this… Firmware 2.71 emulation!! Now there isn’t a game UMD that you cannot play on your 1.5 PSP. Enjoy it folks, looks like the ball is in Sony’s court now.. you can expect a new Sony firmware […]


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