MAME4ALL PSPWhether you’re an 80′s kid like myself, or a young whippersnapper who’s fancied playing the original arcade games in the comfort of your own home, then say hello to MAME4ALL PSP v0.0.3.

In case you’re not au fait with the world of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), it allows you to play the ROM dumps from the original arcade PCBs, meaning you get to play the original games from the arcades, not some half-baked ported version. Many versions of MAME have been around for quite some time – MacMAME being my own flavor of choice… until now… as this fabulous new release works on 2.xx firmware using Fanjita’s eLoader! YES! At last, you can now run MAME on your 2.xx PSP!

Kech, has once again updated his port of MAME4ALL for the PSP to v0.0.3 with the aid of Sazuke2911, Chui and Franxis. MAME4ALL is an emulation of arcade video games, allowing you to play all those favourites from yesteryear. So if you’re one of those who value old-school, of if you’re a young ‘un who wants to see how cool the games back then were, give this one a go.

This latest version contains the following updates:
Added – full screen only in ‘HW Scale’ Option (does not work for all the games)
Added – analog control
Added – further support for ROMS
Bug Fix – The memory that impeded the regeneration and left sectors of the ROMS without cleaning
other misc small bug fixes

The working list of ROMs is very limited – I didn’t try a great deal (perhaps about 30 of my collection of 4,000+) of them to work, but I was overjoyed to get Puckman (the original Pac-Man arcade game) and Ghosts ‘n Goblins to work, at full speed and with full sound emulation, using the eLoader on my 2.60.

This latest release has made me happier than a pig in poop.

Download for 1.50
Download for 2.xx

[via PSPUpdates]

11 Responses to “MAME4ALL PSP v0.0.3 released – now working on eLoader”

  1. 1 BB

    Well, althoughs not all roms can load but my favourite one are okay. I like Tetris very much and is great to get the arcade version working!

    Games that works for me (psp2.71 TA-82 with Eloader 0.99)
    - Tetris
    - Final Fight
    - Chelnov(Atomic Runner)
    - Karnov
    - 1941

  2. 2 Aaron

    ive got major problem!i tried running mame4all on my psp(I have firmware v1.5)i do everything as expected and when i try running a rom the thing restarts my psp.i really wanna play kings of fighters and other classics

  3. 3 Brandon

    This emulator has gotten off to a rocky start for me. I have some roms loaded up and I run the Enu. It keeps displaying an error message “ERROR no roms are found” Then it reboots back to my PSP. Can someone help please. Thanks!!!

  4. 4 gorehawg

    yeah man I got the same problem it says no roms found… lease Help

  5. 5 daniel

    i have version 3.02

  6. 6 daniel

    i have version 3.02 wat i have 2 do

  7. 7 CHAD

    YEAH! wtf do we do if we have version 3.02 and all of these games are only for version 2.71 or w/e. i just wanted to play pong…geez.

  8. 8 jo

    Problem on MAME4ALL v.0.0.3
    PSP FW1.5

    Rygar game can not play more than level 2 it will auto reset the game .

  9. 9 pokemon

    Rygar problem

    no red big face after time out

    can play 1-2 scene only ( automatic reset and return to main title)

  10. 10 mamemaster

    Hey CHAD, “YEAH! wtf do we do if we have version 3.02 and all of these games are only for version 2.71 or w/e. i just wanted to play pong…geez.” pong is not in MAME, because it runs on whats called discrete logistics which isnt emulated yet back in the was added to MAME v0.36b10 by mistake, this simulation remained present untill MAME v0.36b16 and was later removed in MAME v0.36RC1. Other games using discrete logistics….[url][/url]

  11. 11 HENSEL

    hi, just purchased a used psp ver 2.0. can somebody help step by step instructions on how to load mame emulator & roms. Do i have to downgrade to ver1.5 first before loading mame or is it fine.Not really a computer whizz, so Please help step by step.

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