undiluted platinum insidesYou can rub your eyes as much as you want folks… you read it correctly – homebrew on ALL firmware, including 2.71. Thanks to the much talked about Epsilon BIOS development for the coveted Undiluted Platinum chip, every firmware version has the ability to run homebrew straight from the memory stick. The BIOS is a custom replacement flash for the Undiluted Platinum chip, therefore to be able to reap the benefits from the Epsilon BIOS, one must have had the mod chip installed also. Here’s what the fine chaps over at QJ.net had to say about this exciting development:

After showcasing the Undiluted Platinum Packaging and Components yesterday a reader going by the name “France World Cup Champion!” posted a link to a video that was quite striking. Without getting ahead of ourselves, this video shows us the Epsilon Bios flashed onto the Undiluted Platinum Modchip. Similar to the massive compatibility that is enabled when using Devhook, the prototype modchips were sent out to the team in order to test for possibilities in making a custom bios which would allow multiple firmware features without the need for switching firmware (or reflashing).

Starting off simply enough, as most PSP videos do, we go through the standard motions of showing what firmware the PSP is running [ 2.71 ]. Then we move over to the games menu and boot Loco Roco off the Memory Card. I’m sure I dont have to mention this but this was not possible previously on any firmware above 1.50. We see the game boot up to the main screen flawlessly and then quit back to the main PSP menu by pressing Home and accepting the changes. Notice the Epsilon logo in the top left corner.

Next very calmly scrolling down to select Attack of the Mutants [AOTM], a homebrew game which won awards at one of our past PSP Homebrew Competitions. This homebrew also boots up without a hitch. Note here that it would appear other applications and homebrew display without any corrupt icons that some 1.5 users have gotten use to.

Finally quitting back to the main menu we scroll down to Me and My Katamari. A quick click the game loads up (dare I say faster then it does on my 1.5 via Devhook?) We see the menu screen flash quickly and show the main menu for Me and My Katamari. With a quick flip the PSP is turned over and we see that there is no UMD in the drive.

Epsilon Bios and Undiluted Platinum combine for the ultimate PSP homebrew experience.

With the development of this custom Epsilon firmware, frankly we here at QJ are all really excited. Finally we can announce that all users will be able to play ALL homebrew regardless of what firmware came installed originally on their PSP, (or if their “little brother” upgraded it while they were gone). It should be noted that there is one PSP version that is incompatible at this time, however the Undiluted Platinum team is working to solve this issue so keep your eyes and ears tuned to QJ for your latest dose.

link to video (youtube.com – 3mins 37secs)

This finally breaks the seal on Sony’s attempt to stop those that enjoy legitimate homebrew to play homebrew.

[disclaimer: the ripping, collection or distribution of game ISOs is illegal, and therefore not condoned by the PGR Network]

[via QJ.net]

4 Responses to “Epsilon BIOS – homebrew on all firmware!”

  1. 1 Coe

    So, there’s only a few things I need to know:

    1.) When is this chip out?
    2.) How much will it cost?
    3.) Is it hard to install?
    4.) Will it murder the PSP due to too many dishonest people downloading ISOs? I hope not!

  2. 2 PsychoAres

    On issue 4 did the modchip murder the PS2.
    I don’t think so.

  3. 3 Coe

    True that, but the PS2 was a much stronger system, much more strength behind it.

  4. 4 dave

    1) available now, i saw modchipstore.com selling DIY kits for 100 bones, pro install services for 200 if you sent in your PSP, and 500 dollar premods(black or ceramic white).
    2) 100, 200 or 500 depending on if you have a psp and soldering skills.
    2) from what I heard, anyone without a TA-082 motherboard just has to solder 20 pins, and the instruction diagrams are already online. TA-082 PSPs run at a different voltage so UP chips don’t work, and ways of identifying those PSPs with or without voiding the warranty are also online.
    4) i doubt it. even with all that power and my bittorrent addiction, i’d save my memory sticks for things you can’t get on UMD. (like emus and homebrew) like i have EBOOT on my 2.01 but i only use it for FCE ultra and NES ROMs i got legally.

    the video for epsilon shows some promising stuff-if i had a job this would be the first psp accessory/mod i’d have lined up(especially since my psp already has a double voided warranty and i know it isn’t TA-082)

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