Official install diagrams for the Undiluted Platinum have been released! The process seems pretty complicated as there are quite a few solder points. If you’ve never soldered before, you’ll probably end up turning your PSP into a fancy paper weight. Now, before you get all excited, I should mention that the Undiluted Platinum doesn’t work on all PSPs. The first release of the chip will support PSPs with motherboard model number TA-079, with TA-080 and TA-081 to follow later. Unfortunately, TA-082 motherboards are not supported, however they seem to be limited to Asia and have firmware 2.6 or greater so North American and European should be relatively safe.

Undiluted Platinum install part 1 Undiluted Platinum install part 2 Undiluted Platinum install part 3

How to spot a TA-082If cracking open your PSP just to find out what motherboard version you have doesn’t sound appealing, the creators of Undiluted Platinum have released a little tid bit of information that makes checking easy. Simple open the UMD drive of your PSP a little a bit and take a peek where the picture indicates. If you see the dreaded “IC1003″ it means you have an unsupported TA-082 motherboard.

Remember! Installing the Undiluted Platinum isn’t for the feint of heart. It requires some pretty advanced soldering skills and one mistake can permanently damage your PSP. Fortunately you have a few options.

[via Maxconsole]

15 Responses to “Undiluted Platinum install diagrams and more”

  1. 1 Demon Hunter

    so what dose it do??

  2. 2 ZephyrWest
  3. 3 NUclearD3

    And with my luck I happen to have a TA-082 psp. At least i did not have to take it apart to find out.

  4. 4 Alan

    NUclearD3, what PSP model do you have? PSP-1000, PSP-1001, PSP-1004? Which one do you have, and when did you buy it.

    I need to get this information cuz im doing research on number of TA-082 PSP’s in North America….. there are quite limited, or probably none. Need you to confirm please. Thanks!

  5. 5 NUclearD3

    It is a PSP-1001 and i got about 04/12/06. And it’s the $199 pack.

  6. 6 NUclearD3

    Opps forgot to say i live in Oklahoma.

  7. 7 Erdrick

    I just bought a $199 PSP from Fry’s Electronics (Phoenix, Arizona) this morning. Opened the UMD drive and saw the dreaded IC1003 – meaning that it contains the unsupported TA-082 motherboard. :( Guess they are starting to roll these out in North America. I hope they will refund me instead of giving me worthless store credit…

  8. 8 Dave

    Ya I got a stupid TA-082… Ontario Canada…Sh*t

  9. 9 x


  10. 10 Josette

    I got a TA-082 PSP-1001 at Target in New Jersey end of June.
    The firmware is 2.6 and I guess they rolled ‘em out in Asia first to see how tight the firmware was before trucking them here to the States.

  11. 11 Kevin

    Got my Psp last Christmas. Just got into all the homebrews, i dont see anything there confirming its not this dreaded TA- 082, its PSP- 1001. I have 2.60 firmware and i see they have a new downgrader for this but im still not sure about going through with the whole thing. Can someone more knowledgable point me in the right direction?

  12. 12 Omar

    what if there is that code on the left hand side not exactly that code though plz reply

  13. 13 BluZephyr

    If it’s on the left side then you are good to go.

  14. 14 Rhino

    I have been seeing the ta-082 since mid May… In MN. USa. Stupid motherboards dont work with the older wireless daughterboards either the sound doenst work unless you plug in a headphones..

  15. 15 twista_8604

    you guys should have read the labbel on the box before you bought it, you can tell what kinda board it is. they have sites that talk about it is a good place or do a search on youtube for psp hacking 101. they show the box, if its A-L your good, if your M not so good, and if you see N thats very bad

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